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What are Seat Walkers?

A seat walker is equipped with wheels to assist the disabled or elderly people who are not stable on their feet. Its benefits are manifold as it is designed to maintain the balance whilst walking, improving self-independence and providing a comfortable and safe space to sit and rest when required.  A seat walker is also known as a rollator. It is generally lightweight and easy to use, available in various sizes to match any individual.

Seat Walkers for Seniors and Disabled Individuals 

The Seat walker supports a person’s weight to a certain extent whilst walking or standing and the four wheels and brakes assist in moving forward instead of the device being lifted. It is a device that has been manufactured especially for senior and disabled individuals. However, the size of the walker will change according to the user’s size. The walker works best according to the height, weight, environment and mobility requirements. The seat walker is the most popular device as it allows the user to independently stop and rest safely on the go. Independent Living Specialists has many branded seat walkers in all stores across Australia and their online store.

Top 8 Seat Walkers To Purchase This Winter

Seniors or disabled individuals who have to live with limited mobility should not miss out on the advantages of a seat walker. Depending on the physician’s advice, the following top 8 seat walkers offer a more natural movement, swift maneuvering and easy access outdoors.

  1. Hero Medical Seat Walker – Rollator.
  2. Travel Lite Portable Outdoor Seat Walker with Seat, Bag and Crutch.
  3. Drive Medical Carbon Fibre Nitro Elite Super Lightweight Seat Walker.
  4. Drive Medical Rollator Nitro Walker.
  5. Seat Walker with Basket – Auscare.
  6. Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker (with backrest & bag).
  7. Hero Medical Deluxe Seat Walker with adjustable height.
  8. Hero Medical Quad Seat Walker with 8” wheels.

Top 8 Seat Walkers To Purchase This Winter 2How to Purchase Seat Walkers via Independent Living Specialists

These top 8 seat walkers could be purchased from any of the 24 ILS showrooms across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia , order them online or email [email protected] and get it delivered to your home.  Just as simple as that! ILS has a 50+ distribution network working around the clock to ensure online purchases are delivered on time.


Product   Details
Hero Medical Seat Walker – Rollator – Four Wheeled Walker   This is a heavy-duty quad seat walker that can carry up to 130kg max certified as per Australia Standards. Features include new light touch lock brake system, foldable rounded backrest for comfort and 15cm flat ridge wheels to decrease wheel falter and better grip. Usable both indoors and outdoors and foldable without removing storage bag.
Travel Lite Portable Outdoor Seat Walker with Seat and Bag + Crutch Holder 


  This is the latest seat walker manufactured by Hero Medical.  It has been designed to give the best mobility for the user with many vital features such as easy foldable system, fast height-adjustable handle, great movability and comfortable seating. Tested as per international standards.
Drive Medical Carbon Fibre Nitro Elite Super Light Weight Seat Walker   This rollator seat walker is built-in 5kg carbon super lightweight fibre frame. It has been designed for quick and simple mobility.  Its big 10” front wheels and strong braking system provide excellent steering and control. The handle height can be adjusted with a push of a button and the seat is durable and comfortable and the device could be folded quickly to an ultra-compact size. A walking cane can be stored in the EZ clip cane holder while using the walker.
Drive Medical Rollator Nitro Walker   This device provides the best in comfort and convenience. It is very easy to use due to the lightweight aluminum material used in manufacturing and also durable. The large front wheels make it possible to be used on any landscape outdoors or indoors.
Seat Walker with Basket – Auscare   This seat walker has handbrakes with adjustable height, lightweight, aluminum and lockable loop lever handbrakes and soft rubber handgrips.  Equipped with a cushioned seat which provides space under to store the handy shopping basket and a curved padded backrest. 6” wheels allow little turning circle and usable both indoors and outdoors.
Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker   This walker has a light and elegant design featuring an X frame cross folding system enabling the device to stand along when it’s folded. The large front and rear wheels along with a spring system assist to ensure a smooth journey. Height-adjustable rubber handles are soft and comfortable with an easy to manage lockable brake. The seat is very comfortable with artificial soft leather and removable bag. This is a stylish strong walker from Sweden for indoor and outdoor use.
Hero Medical Deluxe Seat Walker with Adjustable Height   This walker has been manufactured with an easy height adjustment system. It has a new light-touch lock brake system and foldable without the storage bag being removed.
Hero Medical Quad Seat Walker   This walker is made out of heavy-duty construction with a safe working limit of 130kg, certified according to Australian standards. The lock brake system and 20cm flat ridged wheels reduce wheel falter and increase grip. The foldable rounded backrest provides comfort and the best for outdoor and indoor use.
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