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A wheelchair is an equipment that is quite an essential part of a person who is aged, handicapped or immobile due to an illness. The value of this device cannot be compared with the support and assistance it provides in many ways. Independent Living Specialists has done its best to supply a large range of manual and electric wheelchairs to suit the lifestyle, budget and body type of its customers.

All these wheelchairs are manufactured with either transit operation or self-propelled to make the usage easier for the user or caretaker. It also ranges from light-weight to heavy-duty equipped with durable and reliable aluminum frames.

A wide range of famous brands such as Auscare, Pride, Breezy, Day Healthcare, and Invacare are available in all the stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide.


Top 6 wheelchairs

Six of the fast moving and popular wheelchairs are Ultra lightweight portable wheelchair, Omega lite transit wheelchair, Breezy basix 2 folding wheelchair,Ottobock M2 wheelchair, the drive S1 steel wheelchair and Breezy basix transit wheelchair.

Ultra Lightweight Portable Wheelchair

This wheelchair comes with a carry bag. It is lightweight as well as sturdy and ideal to get about on shopping trips, day outings to holidays. It could be folded to 1/3 the size of a normally folded wheelchair for storage and easy transportation. It also has padded desk arms which could be flipped up for easy side transfers and give additional comfort.


Breezy Basix 2 Folding Wheelchair

This wheelchair is one of the most flexible Eco wheelchairs on the market and a product that is preferred by the allied health professionals. It is a self-propelled device with improved adjustability and rigidity mixed with a modern up to date look.


Ottobock M2 Wheelchair

The M2 is one the most advanced type of wheelchairs manufactured to suit personal adjustment. It is lightweight and gives a very good support to the body with options for the user to choose as per their needs. It has swing-away footrest with an angle adjustment which permits the foot to be placed in a comfortable manner. It is also easy to keep a patient in the wheelchair as the swing-away footrest is unique and the knee lever brake keeps the wheelchair in place with just a snap is also created for more security. The push handles can be adjusted to enable the caregiver to manoeuver the wheelchair effortlessly without a strain.

Ottobock M2 Wheelchair

Omega Lite Transit Wheelchair

This product has a lightweight aluminum frame with swing away footrests that can be removed and a foldable backrest. These two features make it the perfect portable wheelchair. With a user weight capacity of 125kg, its additional features include 8 inch rear wheels and attendant brakes.

Omega Transit Wheelchair

The Drive S1 Wheelchair

The S1 is a lightweight and cost-effective device usable indoor and outdoor. Its strong steel frame is exceptionally stable and reliable for longer drives. It could be folded easily for travel and storage. The plastic footrests are easily adjustable to suit to user’s height and support.

Drive Medical 18 Transit Super Budget WheelChair

Breezy Basix Transit Wheelchair

The Breezy Basix is an extremely powerful and easy to use device. Built and designed with the user in mind, it has been tested properly to ensure a secure and reliable ride making it a trusted name.


Social and Health Benefits.

Using a wheelchair improves the users’ health and help them to enjoy life by participating in social activities independently.

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