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Scooters are walking aids that help people faced with mobility disabilities to overcome their barriers and live in freedom. Mobility is important to anyone at any age to attend daily tasks as well as for leisurely purposes. It is sensible to know all about the different types and brands of mobility scooters before purchasing one. There are new additions to the mobility scooter family each day and they are quite easily purchased through the Independent Living Specialist.

The Envoy 8 Plus Mobility Scooter

The Envoy 8 Plus Mobility Scooter is one of the newest additions to the range of mobility scooters. It is a four-wheeled, sturdy built scooter suitable to travel in any condition. It also has a lot of wonderful features such as exceptional suspension that is good for shock absorbing when traveling on a rough terrace, LED headlights that facilitate traveling in the dark and longer headlights that help to travel longer distances in one go; 48 kilometers to be exact.


The Scout Portable Mobility Scooter

This is a both indoor and outdoor mobility scooter, four-wheeled and offering a comfortable drive to the users. However, it should be noted that it is not as suitable as the Envoy 8 Plus to the rough terrain. The scout mobility scooter features first drive mini mobility scooter, delta bars, and next generation Drive Medical splitting mechanisms. The Scout Portable Mobility Scooter model is very suitable for travelers, as it is easily taken apart and put together in case of transporting through the vehicle, train or plane. It is also convenient and comfortable to the users with a swiveling seat that allows you room to get on and get off without getting stuck by the handles. It also offers 24 kilometers of distance on a full battery charge and as the battery can be removed easily, it is possible to charge it separately during an emergency as well.


The Pride Sportsrider Mobility Scooter

This is a revolutionary mobility scooter that is inspired by the motorcycle. It is an outdoor scooter with full suspension and a speed of 8mph. With a Pride Sportsrider, you can ride around town in style. It features full speedometer, odometer and powerful front and rear lighting kit that ensures your and others safety when traveling full speed. The high back, adjustable seat affords you all comfort as well. It is suitable for anyone at any age that enjoys speed and good fun.


In addition to these three mobility scooters, there are more new ones coming in different brands to the market everyday with newer features and offering better service each day. In fact, there is a brand new viper out in the market right now. If you keep aware you can revolutionize your mode of traveling to suit you and your needs. So check out the Independent Living Specialists’ website to choose correctly and wisely before you purchase.

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