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A pneumatic tyre is an air-filled tyre. It is manufactured in a sealed centre filled with pressurized air inside. Its stride is generally braced with a steel belting or other material to cover the inner core that produces the contact with the road surface. These tyres provide a better and comfortable drive on smooth and flat areas and also longer drive range due to tyre abrasion being lesser.

A solid tyre is also known as an airless tyre. It has been manufactured by using various procedures. It could be produced on a frame or metal wheel framework and mounted on a particular vehicle or it could also be manufactured to fit on rims that are made to support pneumatic tyres. Due to this tyre’s tendency to have more friction on the surface, it has a better grip in rural areas.

The Use Of Pneumatic Tyres In Mobility Scooters 2

Choosing between pneumatic or solid tyres for a mobility scooter

The choice depends on the usage and user. Although few mobility scooter brands use one particular type of tyre, in most instances, the user has an option to choose a tyre of their choice.

Awareness of what type of tyre is suitable for mobility scooters

Differences between air and solid tyre are manifold. However, it is always easy to know which tyre is best for every person.

Nature of the ride

Due to the natural shock absorption, a pneumatic tyre gives a very smooth ride in comparison to a solid tyre. Natural shock absorption of solid tyres for mobility scooters have been reduced resulting in a jerky ride.


Solid tyres are more durable and long-lasting than pneumatic tyres due to certain reasons. Solid tyres cannot get punctured and do not under or over-inflate.

Combined Weight

The combined weight of a user and the device plays a vital role in the long-lasting effect of the tyres. Solid tyres are likely to get affected with over-weight and probably get damaged more than a high-quality pneumatic tyre.

The Use Of Pneumatic Tyres In Mobility Scooters 3

Travelling Landscape

The type of ground the mobility scooter is being ridden on plays an important role to decide on the type of tyre for the mobility scooter. Pneumatic tyres are the best if the user lives in a place where the surface is smooth and solid tyres are better suited if the user intends to travel on rough terrain.

Cost Factor

Although pneumatic tyres cost less than solid tyres, Depending on the place where the scooter is probably being ridden, it is preferable to pick on a cheaper alternative as two or three puncture repairs could probably cost more than investing in a solid tyre.

Effects of choosing the wrong tyre

Selecting the wrong type of tyre according to the requirement of the user decreases the lifespan of the tyre and could minimize the general performance of your mobility scooter.


Mobility scooters with pneumatic tyres give a comfortable ride on smooth and flat terrain and due to the tyres incurring less wear and tear, it is durable and ideal for long-term use.

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