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A lift chair is considered as a type of medical equipment that benefits those who find it difficult to change from a seated to standing position due to limited mobility or issues related to balancing oneself. It is equipped with a strong lifting system which triggers to tilt the base and back of the chair forward whilst helping the user to a standing position. It is operated by a remote with push buttons and available in various sizes to suit the customer requirements and could also be customized to suit their specific needs.

The optional heat and massage features of this device provide healing benefits to those afflicted with stiff and sore joints, arthritis, and several other bone-related issues.  It is the best solution for those who require keeping their feet elevated while asleep or seated.  Most people prefer to sleep in their lift chair due to the variety of positions available.  Many models could be reclined to a flat position or modified to suit the user’s comfort.

The Chadwick Lift Chair Collection 2

Benefits of lift chairs

Lift chairs have been proven beneficial to both user and caregiver. Moving a patient is one of the most tiresome and difficult chores of a caregiver, as it assists to move the patient to a standing position with ease and in the process reduce the risk of injury for both parties. Reducing the risk of injury is the most significant benefit of a lift chair as it allows a person to stand on their own or attempt to stand with assistance.

Using a lift chair increases a person’s independence and increases mobility. It features lifting and reclining positions and options of heat and massage when necessary. Those who require reducing excess fluid build-up could make use of the reclining position. It also improves the posture with the provision of multiple seat positions. All positions are adjustable with a push of a button.

According to research using a lift chair reduces pain, increases comfort, and assists to maintain muscle tone whenever there is a low skeletal joint wear out and deterioration.

The Chadwick Collection

Independent Living Specialists has introduced 3 of the best Chadwick brand lift chairs to its mobility equipment product list. The Royale Chadwick Fabric Soft Touch Lift Chair, Royale Chadwick Oxford plush leather (Italian)lift chair, and Royale Chadwick leather lift chair -quad motor with head and power lumbar which are available in their stores Australia wide.

Royale Chadwick Fabric Soft Touch Quad Motor Lift Chair with head and power lumbar

This is a lift chair that is available exclusively at ILS. This most advanced Chadwick lift chair puts the user in charge of its comfort along with its special quad motor technology providing fully independent adjustments to the headrest, lumbar, backrest and footrest. Known for its modern and chic design, the Chadwick collection has been created to provide lasting satisfaction and comfort.


Features include a choice of 3 types of material in an array of colours using the best quality multilayered foam for durability and greatest comfort. The quad motors are programmed to adjust the headrest, lumbar, backrest and footrest independently to blend with user’s requirements. The unique home button allows the chair to move back to its neutral position, doing away with the bother of multiple operations. Electrical devices could be charged through the USB ported hand control.

Royale Chadwick Oxford Plush Leather (Italian) Quad Motor Lift Chair with Head & Power Lumbar

Another product available exclusively at ILS manufactured with Italian leather along with the same features and specifications of the earlier lift chair

Chadwick Oxford Leather lift chair

Royale Chadwick Leather Quad Motor Lift Chair with Head & Power Lumbar

This Chadwick lift chair is also is like the other two lift chairs. In addition, the built-in powered headrest and lumbar support adjustments benefit clinically to those affected with Kyphosis and Lordosis.

chadwick Leather liftchair

Purchase Details

These products could be purchased either through Humms or Afterpay on instalment basis interest-free.

The spend could be paid fortnightly with fast approval for the purchase. Simply add the product to the cart, select payment method, create your account and your purchase is ready for delivery. Online customers could get their purchase delivered to the door Australia wide.





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