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Power chairs are very useful for those who may be facing mobility disability due to various reasons. They are basically battery powered wheelchairs that are much sturdier and can be easily maneuvered with the help of a joystick. They make both your homely life and your travel life more eventful and carefree.

Suitability of Outdoor Power chairs

The main feature of outdoor power chairs is having four wheels which give them more stability to travel on the rough outdoors. The placement of the wheels is also important in terms of how you plan to drive your power chair. The middle wheel drive is suitable for better maneuverability. The rear-wheel drive for speed and the rear-wheel drive to travel slow over very rough terrain. Outdoor powerchairs will also be sturdier in their build and the wheels will be bigger, especially the castor wheels. Also, attention must be paid to the maximum weight capacity. Ideally, it should carry your weight and some more; especially if the terrain around your home is hilly as the rules of physics requires it. It will also help you to enter buildings and vehicles which have ramparts to aid the users of walking aids. The range or the battery capacity also should be taken into consideration so that you do not run out of power before your destination.

Choosing from many brands

Since the power chair is one of the most famous walking aids available today there are many brands like Pride, Shoprider and Permobil and Days Healthcare. These are designed to suit the varying needs of many consumers so have no fear about not finding your pick. The Pride Jazzy Select 6 power chair for example is very comfortable with elegant seat covers and motor technology that provides efficiency, torque, and range. Independent Living Specialists provide a wide range of power chairs with the friendliest and most accommodating customer service. The Shoprider Puma 14D is also a very elegant looking power chair with both a headrest and footrest and comfortable seating. There are also power chairs designed to fold and stand that you can choose according to your necessities.


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Outdoor Power chairs for Children

The Permobil K450 MX scripted powerchair is one of the best child chairs available in the market to accommodate kids to enjoy the outdoors. Because of its intelligent control system, all functions are linked to a press of a button. The seat is adjustable to take you from standing position to seating position as well. There are more options available as well such as the Permobil K300 PS Jr. scripted and the Permobil Miniflex scripted which come in attractive designs that can be the hit among the neighborhood children.

Accessories to help the Journey

Powerchair accessories such as an umbrella holder, cup holder or baskets can be very helpful when you are travelling outdoors to carry all of your essentials that you may need for the journey as well as for an emergency like a sudden change in weather.

You can pick the best power chair out of these categories to suit your own journey and enjoy your independence at the Independent Living Solutions.

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