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TiLite TRA

The TiLite TRA is a popular rigid titanium wheelchair with full adjustability in Center of Gravity and Rear/Front Seat to Floor Height. Get increased push efficiency and a stylish design!


For those seeking a titanium wheelchair with maximum adjustability, the TiLite TRA is a top choice. Its dual-tube geometry provides increased push efficiency, converting more energy into the wheel and reducing the number of push strokes required throughout the day. Made from titanium, the TRA offers a lighter frame, greater strength, scratch resistance (without paint), and natural shock-absorbing properties.

The TRA’s stylish design features a horizontal bottom tube that still allows for easy car transfers. But it’s the full adjustability in the centre of gravity and rear/front seat-to-floor height that sets this chair apart. These built-in adjustments allow for a fully customised fit, ensuring maximum comfort and performance. Choose the TiLite TRA for a top-performing titanium wheelchair that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Additional information



Frame Type




Weight Capacity

120 kg (Standard), 136 kg (Heavy Duty)

Transit Approved


Transport Weight

5 kg

Peadiatric Seating


Seat Width Range

12" – 20"

Seat Depth Range

12" – 20"

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