TiLite AeroR

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The Aero R leaves other box frames behind. The Aero R is fully adjustable and has the widest array of options of any chair in its class so you can optimize it to your life. And one more thing:The Aero R is the most economical rigid chair in its class.


Weight Limit 250 lb. (113.3kg)
Total Chair Width 23” (58.4cm)
Seat Width 12” – 20” (30.5cm – 51cm)
Seat Depth 12” – 20” (30.5cm – 51cm)
Front Seat Height 15.5” – 22” (39cm – 56cm)
Rear Seat Height 13” – 20” (33cm – 51cm)
Front Frame Angle Fixed Front – 70º, 80º, or 85º
Swing Away – 70º, 80º, 85º, or 90º
Footrest Width Options Standard Taper or V-Front End
Center of Gravity Adjustment 6” (15.2cm)
Front Wheels 23 Options
Rear Wheels 67 Options
Handrims 15 Options
Convenience Folding Angle Adjustable Seat Back
Warranty Lifetime on Frame
One Year on TiLite Components

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