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TiLite CR1 Carbon Fibre Wheelchair

Every aspect of the TiLite CR1 has been meticulously crafted to bring true innovation to TiLite. From specially designed caster bearings for vertical load application and weight reduction to new carbon fibre caster wheels and titanium reinforcement trim rings, this chair transforms the concept of a manual wheelchair from the ground up.


The TiLite CR1 boasts a dual-angled front end, featuring an additional bend in the frame’s downtube. Users benefit from getting up to 2″ closer to surfaces, facilitating smoother transfers. The innovative design of this bend also enables the rotation of casters back into space, enhancing accessibility in confined areas.

Addressing the challenge of weight optimisation without compromising functionality, the TiLite CR1 introduces an integrated fold-down backrest. Custom-profiled side guards, functioning as structural members for the frame, secure the backrest in place. This design allows users to effortlessly fold down the backrest for convenient transportation, striking the perfect balance between weight savings and practicality. Experience the epitome of design innovation with the TiLite CR1, a wheelchair meticulously crafted for unparalleled user experience.

Additional information

Transport weight

9 lbs

Seat width

13" – 18"

Seat depth

13" – 19"

Front seat height

17.5" – 20.75"

Seat slope

7°, 10°, 13°

Front frame angle


Seat back height

10" – 17"


0°, 2°, 4°

Center of gravity

2" – 5"

Backrest angle

80° – 101°

Compatible with SmartDrive


Weight limit

231 lbs


TiLite CR1 Brochure

TiLite CR1Owner’s Manual

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