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Rifton E-Pacer

The E-Pacer, the largest member of the Pacer family, offers a sit-to-stand lift feature that eliminates the difficulty of gait training for larger or highly dependent clients. It combines the electric lift column and secure body support of the TRAM with the gait training capabilities of the classic Pacer, resulting in a superior solution. This machine can greatly benefit clients who have become too large or dependent for manual gait trainers, as it can support users up to 6' 5 and 350 lb with its strong and stable frame.



  • The E-Pacer can perform the sit-to-stand transfer that is part of every gait training session without requiring the caregiver to lift the patient.
  • Extra stability for gait training: The E-robust Pacer’s and rigid frame provides security for heavier or taller clients.
  • Attach the thigh straps to the body support system of the E-Pacer and use it to transfer a client from a wheelchair to a mat table or other surface for therapy.
  • Expandable legs: Widen the base legs for clients who require additional step width or to approach a wheelchair prior to a transfer.
  • The 26-inch height adjustment range of the E-electric Pacer’s lift column allows it to be used with clients of varying heights.
  • The optional Bluetooth-enabled scale and Gait Tracker mobile app measure the load on the body support, allowing caregivers to monitor the client’s weight-bearing progression over time. Available for Android or iOS devices.

Additional information

Overall length

44¾ inches

Overall width

31½ – 51¾ inches

Overall height

32¾ – 59 inches

E Pacer weight

72 lbs

Turning diameterMaximum working load

350 lbs

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