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Q700-UP F Sedeo Ergo Power Chair

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Experience life from new heights, with the Q700-UP F SEDEO ERGO standing wheelchair. Combining superb front-wheel drive manoeuvrability, SEDEO ERGO biomechanical seating system and innovative controls with the power to stand whenever you want.  



The Q700-UP F SEDEO ERGO’s front-wheel drive base offers the highest level of powered wheelchair technology, inside and out. Thanks to its in-rigged castor arms design, it is very responsive and manoeuvrable, making it perfect for indoor use.


The QUICKIE Q700 F SEDEO ERGO, with in-rigged castor arms design, offers a compact turning circle and is responsive and manoeuvrable making it perfect for indoor use. Also, it can easily sit under tables and access Wheelchair Adaptive Vehicles (WAVs) with a low seat height from just 415 mm.

The Q700 series is the most comprehensive high performance powerchair series. With a standing angle of up to 85°, the QUICKIE Q700®-UP F SEDEO® ERGO allows you to stand whenever you want and offers many health and lifestyle benefits. It improves pressure relief for those who may have limited ability to independently weight shift or have to sit for long periods.

Experience superb front-wheel drive manoeuvrability combined with SEDEO ERGO biomechanical seating system and innovative controls. Redefining standing wheelchair technology

Additional information

Seat Width:

400 – 500 mm

Seat Height:

450 – 480 mm

Seat Depth:

400 – 540 mm

Backrest Height:

510 mm – 610 mm

Overall Width:

620 mm

Overall Length:

1070 mm


6 kph high torque, 10 kph standard

Battery Size:

60 Ah; 72 Ah (optional)

Turning Diameter:

1960 mm

Max. Safe Slope:

Max Kerb Climb:

70 mm

Max. User Weight:

120 kg



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