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Leckey Squiggles+


Ideal blend of fashion and function for children

It continues to provide three-in-one standing, a child-focused design, near-to-the-ground stance for engagement at eye level, unmatched support and adjustability, and simple storage. But Squiggles also offers new features and perks that allow children to continue to stand and participate in the action.


Squiggles offers anatomically-correct abduction that stabilises the joint and delivers optimal loading for early hip joint development. 60° of bilateral hip abduction is possible in the prone, upright, and supine positions. As the pivot points correspond with the hips, Squiggles encourages appropriate alignment in the hips, knees, and feet. In addition, the hip laterals on Squiggles change in tandem with the child’s leg, allowing the hips to abduct and preventing the laterals from digging into the child’s thigh.

The wraparound knee supports on the Squiggles enhance the user’s comfort and support by distributing pressure and are particularly suited for abduction standing. The padded wraps keep the knee in neutral position and can be rotated to give additional lateral support for children with limited muscle tone.

Squiggles enhances the confidence of both the child and the carer during transfers by incorporating wider hip pads and an enhanced pivot chassis that enables complete horizontal loading.

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