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The Kimba seat was designed with a wide range of possibilities for customisation to meet each child's unique demands. It provides many simple adjustment options for various seating positions. Any mobility base in the Kimba product line can easily be used with it.


The Kimba has a classic, refined, and top-notch design. If you want to add colourful highlights, you can order coloured inlays or even make your own by sewing. The Kimba rehab buggy also comes in two frame colours and with coloured reflective stickers.


Ready for transportation
Integrated anchor brackets for carrying people with limited mobility in a vehicle. To save space, the rehab buggy can also be folded in a few simple steps.


Tilt activation mechanism
The tilt activation mechanism is located next to the push bar for easy use.


Changing the perspective
Depending on the situation, the sitting unit can be readily installed in or against the direction of travel.


Create your own inlay
An inlay created solely by the user’s preferences not only brightens the product, but also enhances hygiene. The cutting pattern as well as the necessary sewing instructions are free of charge.

Details Size 1 Size 2
Overall Width 595 mm 665 mm
Front/Rear Wheel Diameter 170/280 mm 170/280 mm
Push Handle (min./max.) 710 – 1, 160 mm 710 – 1, 160 mm
Folding Size (without seat L × W × H) 790 × 595 × 460 mm 790 × 665 × 460 mm
Minimum Folding Size With Seat Facing Forwards (L × W × H) 900 × 595 × 530 mm 970 × 665 × 590 mm
Seat Tilt -40° to +10° or -10° to +40° -40° to +10° or -10° to +40°
Weight Of Outdoor Mobility Base 10.5 kg 11.5 kg
Weight Of Seating Unit 7.5 kg 9.5 kg
Weight Of Mobility Base 10.5 kg 11.5 kg
Maximum Load Of Seating Unit* 40 kg 40 kg
Maximum Load Of Storage Basket* 15 kg 15 kg
Maximum Load Of Outdoor Mobility Base 55 kg 55 kg
* The maximum permissible overall weight of the user and load in the storage basket is 47.5 kg (size 1) or 45.5 kg (size 2).


Kimba User Manual

Kimba Flyer

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