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Kidsflex Car Seat


The KidsFlex car seat is a fully adjustable special needs seating solution designed to provide optimal postural support and comfort for children during travel. It is available in three sizes and offers a range of options and adjustments to configure the seat to the child’s specific needs.


The seat features a variety of postural support accessories, including lateral supports, shoulder supports, a pommel, head supports, and a footrest. The slimline seat cushions and slim seat base provide ample space and headroom, making transfers in and out of the car easier, and a swivel base is also available as an option. Additionally, the seat base is adjustable for increased seat depth and the harness can be adjusted in length and height, allowing for ample growth opportunities.

The KidsFlex is compatible with most vehicles and is designed to be installed in the back seat with the use of the vehicle’s 3-point safety belt and comes with a 5-point padded harness for added safety and comfort.


Description Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Code 4170-0010-020 4170-0020-060 4170-0030-090
Max. User Weight 22 kg 32 kg 75 kg
Car Seat Weight 8.2 kg 8.9 kg 12.3 kg
Seat Width 27 – 31 cm 31 – 35 cm 36 – 40 cm
Seat Depth 28 – 33 cm 34 – 39 cm 40 – 46 cm
Shoulder Height 37 – 51 cm 41 – 57 cm 47 – 65 cm
Lateral Support Height 21 – 25 cm 25 – 29 cm 30 – 36 cm
Lateral Support Width 19 – 28 cm 23 – 32 cm 29 – 40 cm

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