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Gravity Chair


The Gravity Chair is designed to provide support and stability for a wide range of individuals. It utilises the principle of ‘Tension and Relaxation’ to enhance postural control.

Not only does it offer alternative seating options, but it also serves a therapeutic purpose by providing a stable position for the user. Its sleek design and neutral color covers make it suitable for use in both home and school settings, and its easy to clean feature makes it hygienic.



  • Head Support: Ergonomical wave-shaped foam keeps the head position stable and prevents the head from falling sideways
  • Cover: Classic version has air-breathable fabric on user contact surfaces and rear back panel, with wipe-down in all other areas. Wipe-Down version is fully wipe-down, including internal contact surfaces where client is seated
  • Seat Liner: Air mesh fabric with quilted cushion inside keeps the back dry and comfortable
  • Spacer: Located beneath the cover under the hips. Can be removed to make sitting position deeper if necessary
  • Side Pocket: Store this user manual and other small belongings inside
  • Tilt Wedge: Use to recline the chair to the most appropriate position for the user
Size Small Medium Large X-Large
User Height 90 – 110 cm 110 – 130 cm 130 – 150 cm 150 – 170 cm
Seat Depth 26 cm 32 cm 40 cm 45 cm
Seat Width at Back 20 cm 23 cm 27 cm 30 cm
Seat Width at Front 27 cm 30.5 cm 37 cm 40 cm
Back Height 60 cm 69 cm 74 cm 80 cm
Total Width of Chair 46 cm 49 cm 57 cm 60 cm
Total Height of Chair 55 cm 61 cm 66 cm 71 cm
Total Depth of Chair 60 cm 71 cm 82.5 cm 91 cm
Weight Limit 50 kg 70 kg 100 kg 130 kg
Classic Version
(excluding coloured liner)
3770-0011-000 3770-0012-000 3770-0013-000 3770-0014-000
Wipe-Down Version
(excluding coloured liner)
3770-0021-000 3770-0022-000 3770-0023-000 3770-0024-000
Red Liner 3770-0311-022 3770-0312-022 3770-0313-022 3770-0314-022
Green Liner 3770-0311-055 3770-0312-055 3770-0313-055 3770-0314-055
Blue Liner 3770-0311-066 3770-0312-066 3770-0313-066 3770-0314-066

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