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Freedom Flow Wireless Leg Bag Emptier

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Freedom Flow™ is the perfect solution for independence during your private moments.

We all value the importance of independence and being able to take care of ourselves. If you have struggled with emptying leg bags in the past and are looking for a way to do so yourself, then the Freedom Bag has an easy solution for you!


It helps independent wheelchair users maintain their level of independence by allowing them to emptier their leg bags on their own. The user has the option to either mount it onto their:
– Wheelchair – a great ‘Set and Forget’ option
– Ankle – concealed underneath ones clothing for even more subtly. This also makes transfers a breeze as you do not have to detach it each time

With a simple push of the button, the device releases the tubing to allow the fluids to drain out. This gives users the Freedom to drink as much water as they need throughout the day without worrying about their bag. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is very important for maintaining overall health and reducing Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).

Subtle – No Wires (also reduces chances of damage)
Simple To Install
Requires No Wheelchair Modifications or Tools
No Leakage
Long Lasting Battery – only charge it once a week!
No Wheelchair Power Needed
Easy-Push Remote
Save Money – reduced need for carers
Fast! – empty a 1L bag in 30 seconds
Cost effective compared to other wired options on the market
Reduce chances of UTI – no body fluid contact + allows for more hydration throughout the day

This product is so easy to use and install. After 15 minutes of set up, you are 100% set to maintain your leg bag.

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