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Firefly Splashy


Splashy is a versatile and portable bath seat designed for children with additional needs to make bath-time more enjoyable and convenient for families. It’s lightweight, compact and sits low in the bath, using less space and water. The detachable parts make it easy to clean and rinse, making it perfect for bath-time at home, weekend trips, beach adventures or any other fun water-filled excursions.


Splashy can be utilised at the beach, in a baby pool, or for messy play activities. Even in snow and water adventure parks, we’ve observed its use.

Splashy’s 26 recline options allow children with limited head control or sitting ability to utilise the product. Choose a recline position that corresponds with your child’s activity; you can quickly and easily adjust positions for washing or relaxing.

Wet or dry, the warm-touch, quick-drying foam covering of Splashy feels soft. The sculpted form offers a supportive and comfortable sitting position. You can even decide from three distinct colour schemes.

Splashy’s harness and bumper supports are easily attached with toggles, allowing you to adjust them as your child grows.

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