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Bidet Bowl

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The bidet bowl is an ideal solution to personal cleansing. The bidet bowl fits inside an existing toilet bowl converting a standard toilet to a bidet. Please note, this product is not suitable for use with raised toilet seats or any other toileting product.


Key Features

  • Lightweight

  • Suits all standard commodes

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How does the bidet bowl work?

A portable bidet is a device that allows for thorough and easy cleaning of the genital and bottom region.
It is a strong plastic bowl that is designed to fit in most toilet bowls. The bidet is then filled with water and used with soap for gentle personal cleaning. After use, the portable bidet can simply be emptied into the toilet and the water flushed away.
As it can be used with minimal effort or discomfort while still providing good results, a portable bidet is an ideal alternative to in-shower cleaning for personal areas of the body.