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Seniors with mobility issues may have faced various issues when travelling. However, now with the invention of portable foldable equipment such as mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, walking aids, etc., travelling by car, cruise or airline is just a breeze.

Mobility Scooters

The folding and portable mobility scooters are powered by a lithium battery and can be wheeled like a travel suitcase when fully folded. These are lightweight, easily foldable, and portable to be taken in a car boot, cruise, or airplane.

Genie Plus Travel Mobility Scooter Automatic Folding

This fully automated electronic mobility scooter is a piece of excellent mobility equipment that folds and unfolds when required. Its remote-control operation assists in manoeuvering easily with convenience. Allowing a maximum weight of 136kgs, it is one of the devices that can be wheeled like a travel suitcase once folded. It is approved as a wheelchair by airlines and not included as a luggage allowance.

Portable Mobility Solutions For Seniors 2Pride S19 Quest Deluxe Folding Mobility Travel Scooter

This ultra-lightweight folding mobility scooter is equipped with a lithium battery. It is also airline friendly and considered as a wheelchair without luggage allowance. Foldable easily and needs minimum space to be transported. It is also one of the most advanced lightweight mobility scooters in the market.

Portable Mobility Solutions For Seniors 3Wheelchairs

Power chairs are battery operated wheelchairs built with lighter frames and perfect for those who need to transport easily. If a person needs more accessibility than a mobility scooter but does not have the upper body strength to operate a self-propelled manual wheelchair, this is the ideal device for indoor and outdoor use.

Sunrise Medical Rubix Wheelchair

This is a heavy-duty wheelchair capable of carrying a maximum of 170kg and manufactured to cater to individual user requirements. Its seating is comfortable with upholstery and seat depth with adjustable footrests.

Portable Mobility Solutions For Seniors 4Travel Lite Electric Folding Power Chair

This electric foldable power wheelchair is lightweight and guarantees a comfortable ride. It has a longer travel mileage and able to carry a maximum weight of 150kgs. Once folded can be wheeled along and can fit into any small space. The battery cycle lasts 1000 charging cycles and manufactured with eco-friendly material.

Portable Mobility Solutions For Seniors 5Walking Aids

Walking aids differ according to a person’s disability, height, and weight. A normal yet strong walking cane may be the best option for a person who needs support to maintain balance. However, the frame or seat walker may be preferable for those who need extra support when walking. A mobility walker with a seat is the most preferred as the user can stop and rest easily.

Travel Lite Portable Outdoor Seat Walker with Seat, Bag, and Crutch Holder

This is the latest product by Hero, providing the best mobility with many vital features such as a quick height-adjustable handle and easy to fold mechanism. Excellent seating comfort and movability. It folds into a compact size for quick transportation.

Portable Mobility Solutions For Seniors 6Days 240L Lightweight Aluminum Folding 3Wheel Tri Walker

This device is easy to operate and suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. It can be folded easily for storage or transportation and stands upright when folded. Its lightweight aluminum frame is stable and ensures safety when moving around.

Portable Mobility Solutions For Seniors 7Mode of Payment

Easy payment terms are available via Humm or afterpay interest-free.

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