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Senior citizens of this era are more active than in the past. In addition to delaying retirement and taking part in sports and other activities that were only confined to young people, most of them over the age of 65 are now leading a more progressive life than their parents. Considering this progression, it is most likely due to mobility playing an important part in the elderly population. However, in their 70s and 80s, most of them lose their ability to stay active due to various disabilities or chronic medical conditions that affect their ability to be self-reliant. Luckily, due to the improvement in mobility aids, many products are now available to assist the aged to live as freely and bustling as ever.


The cane is a popular device to aid and support when walking. It can hold up to 25% of a person’s weight and possibly prevent the person from falling. Single-point and quad canes are the two types of canes that are available.

A single point cane gives slight support when moving and is ideal for those with slight imbalance, weakening of strength, muscular weakness or deficient movement of legs.

A quad cane is equipped with four points to contact with the ground and stronger than a single point cane. It is very beneficial for those who have been inflicted with a stroke or brain injury.



This is a very convenient device that can be used indoors or outdoors. It is foldable with wheels, seats, and brakes inclusive of helpful accessories such as trays, walker bags, detachable baskets, etc.

The Leia is lightweight (7.5kg ) and is very easy to manoeuvre whilst also offering maximum stability and a SWL of 150kg

The Leia is lightweight (7.5kg ) and is very easy to manoeuvre whilst also offering maximum stability and a SWL of 150kg


This equipment is usually helpful to seniors with the defective ability to move and decreased strength. A wheelchair is a necessity when a person is inflicted with chronic conditions such as arthritis, stroke or a hip fracture.

Within the past 2 decades, vast changes have been effected to wheelchair design and manufacture. Most people are unaware that a badly fitting wheelchair can lead to bruises, pressure ulcers, poor posture, and various other issues. Therefore, it is important to choose this device in consultation with your physical therapist as a patient’s diagnosis and personal need could vary, and selecting the correct equipment needs proficient mediation and a many-sided resolution.


This is a three-wheeled mobility device commonly known as a scooter, which is quite popular among the elderly. Usually, it is helpful for those who can walk a short distance but require help for long distances. Currently, this device has undergone many improvements since its introduction, especially the power of the batteries and speed at which it recharges are some of the vital changes to be seen in this technology.

Most elderly people prefer to use a scooter due to the ability to ride comfortably. It can also be steered with a handlebar, steering wheel, joystick or push-button controls and some can even be disassembled for transportation in a vehicle. The user should also know the weight of the device and the best way to determine is by carrying the largest or heaviest dissembled part of the chair.

How to use a Mobility Scooter

Independent Living Specialists plays an important role in sourcing mobility aid equipment for senior citizens to suit their budget and immobility. A wide array of products are available in all their stores Australia wide.

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