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Mobility scooters are the best mobility aid for those who are facing difficulties with mobility but want to keep traveling. There are many mobility scooters designed to travel outdoors. When choosing a mobility scooter you must consider whether it is suitable for the terrain that you wish to move around.

Outdoors or Indoors

Firstly you must decide whether you want an outdoor scooter or an indoor scooter. Three wheeler scooters that have a high turning radius and can cut tight corners are good for the indoor use while four wheelers that offer more stability and are less susceptible to damage are suitable for the outdoors. So if you are inclined towards outdoor traveling it is better to opt for a four wheel scooter.

Slopes and Mountainous Terrain

The maximum weight capacity of the scooter which is the ratio of your weight and the weight that the scooter can bear should be considered if you are planning to travel on slopes and mountainous terrain. Many buildings too, have ramps or inclined ground that allows access to those who use mobility aids. It is advisable to choose a higher weight capacity than your weight as it makes traveling on the inclined ground possible and safe. It is also good to have a scooter with a powerful motor to reach the power you up those slopes.

Rough Terrain

Some scooters are specially designed for rough terrain with shock absorbers and tough tires. The Pride Pathrider 130XL mobility scooter, for example, is a rear wheel drive, four-wheeled scooter with front and rear suspension and solid wheels. It is specially designed for outdoor use and on uneven terrain. It also offers a range of great features including front and rear suspensions with low profile 330 mm pneumatic tires, standard deluxe captain seats with recline features and padded flip up armrests. It will be ideal to carry you comfortably on rough and bumpy roads.


Distance of the Terrain

It is also good to think about the range of battery power and the amount of distance that you hope to travel. The Sunrise Medical S700 Mobility Scooter, for example, has a large 75Ah battery size that can power an extended range of up to 55 km. It can also tackle greater gradients of 10 degrees, higher curbs of up to 100 mm and greater obstacles with its large 33 cm tires.

Snow and other weather components

There are scooters designed to be driven on snow as well. The Shoprider Rainrider scooter which is roofed and one of the most advanced and comfortable mobility scooters available offers protection for its user from outside elements including rain, snow and strong winds. So if you chose it you are good to travel in any weather condition.

You should make sure to pick the best scooter to travel the terrain of your neighborhood and also where you may want to travel in order best enjoy your freedom.



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