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Choosing a mobility solution is based on various requirements. While being able to regain your independence indoors or outdoors may priority, it being travel friendly with easy assembly and disassembly is also important. There are many types of travel friendly mobility scooters available for hire or purchase through Independent Living Specialists through the ILS Australia online store. Today, we look at and how to assemble a mobility scooter based on the various types of mobility solutions in store.

The Pride S19 Folding Mobility Scooter

The Pride S19 is a folding mobility scooter that is very popular for its lightweight nature and travel friendliness. Despite its lightweight nature, the 4-wheeled design is great for stability. One of the great advantages of this travel mobility scooter is its ultra light lithium battery. The chair and tiller can be easily folded in a one-step motion, turning the mobility scooter into a trolley that can be easily slid into the boot of a small vehicle, or luggage when travelling in airlines and such. The Pride S19 Folding Mobility Scooter is also referred to as the Pride Quest.

Independent Living Specialists Australia Seniors Mobility S19 Pride Folding Mobility Scooter


Check out this video that shows you how to assemble and disassemble it.

Small Mobility Scooters

Small mobility scooters are also great due to their small size and easy assembly/disassembly features. Most of these travel friendly and compact mobility scooters come with a one-hand feather touch disassembly that makes it easy for it to be taken apart for easy transport. If you were looking at how to assemble a mobility scooter such as this, you would have them in separate pieces that are easy to assemble. These would include the likes of the front section, which will include the base and tiller, the rear section, battery pack, and seat. When shipping the mobility scooter, you will receive them in these pieces. For instance, the Pride Go Go Mobility Scooters will be as follows.


When disassembly of the Pride Go Go Elite Traveller, the following steps are taken.

How to Assemble Mobilty Scooter Model Pride GoGo Elite Traveller

When you are able to assemble a mobility scooter from the Pride Go Go mobility scooters, the following steps should be taken.

  1. Position the front and rear sections of the scooters
  2. Align the lower curved locking brackets of the front section with the corresponding pegs on the front of the rear section
  3. Holding the seat post, slowly pivot the rear section forward until the curved locking brackets are fully connected onto the top rear pegs
  4. Loosen the tiller adjustments knob, raise the tiller, then retighten the tiller adjustment knob
  5. Secure the toggle latch found in the rear section. Lower the toggle latch buckle, push back on the toggle latch so it locks into place
  6. Connect the front-to-rear harness
  7. Reinstall the battery pack by lowering into place
  8. Replace the seat and rotate it until it locks into its correct position
  9. Unlock the front wheel by turning the tiller lock knob 90° anticlockwise

It is very important that you are able to withstand the weight and lifting weight beyond your capability may result in personal injury. Therefore, prior to purchasing your mobility scooter, make sure to check the product specifications such as “Heaviest Part”, “Weight without Battery”, and “Weight with Battery”

Medium to Large Mobility Scooters Travel Compatibility

Medium to large types of mobility scooters are not as travel-compatible as small mobility scooters However, you are still able to dismantle the likes of the seat and lower the tiller for it be placed into the boot of a vehicle Usually the length of these mobility scooters and the height/width of the seat are important indicators. They are also usually heavy; therefore attempting to lift them would be ill advised. You should opt to get a ramp or lift for transporting mobility scooters in your motor vehicle. How you can assemble a mobility scooter that falls under this category is simple. Simply use the seat rotation level to prevent any resistance and apply pressure to lower the seat into place. The following images looks at the Shoprider GK10 Mobility Scooter assembled and disassembled.

Shoprider-GK10-510x600  Independent Living Specialists Australia

Shoprider-GK10-parts ILS Australia

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