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In the market for an electric lift chair? These chairs are great for those who need a little help getting in and out of a seated position. The convenience of electric lift chairs makes them great for the elderly or those recovering from surgery, especially when they need to be stationary. Most of these lift chair models come with reclining features apart from the seated and lifted positions. These affordable and comfortable electric lift chairs also make for the perfect gift for a special person in your life!

Electric Lift Chairs Motor Options

One of the most important features of an electric lift chair would be the type of motor it has. The motor essentially allows the user to control the lift feature. The type of motor you have also affects performance. Let’s break them down for you.

Single Motor Electric Lift Chairs

The single motor functions in a particular way. When using your single motor full recline electric lift chair the following order should be followed once seated.

  1. Lift chair will allow you to raise the footrest, then recline the backrest
  2. When you need to sit back up from reclining, first it will bring the backrest up, then the footrest will be packed away
  3. When you need to stand up, then you can press the respective button to lift the chair up into a standing position

Dual Motor Electric Lift Chairs

By having two motors, the order of how you do these things does not matter as much as a single motor. It will allow you to move the likes of the backrest and the footrest independently without having to do it in a particular order.

Electric Lift Chair Positions

One of the other important questions we receive from our ILS Australia clients would be the type of positions our lift chairs offer. There are a few positions and they are at time referred to by various names. We’re here to help remove confusion, whilst recommending a few lift chair models to choose from too!

2 Position or TV Recline Lift Chairs

The 2-position or TV recline type of lift chair is ideal for those who want to be comfortably upright such as for reading, working, and also conversing with family and friends.

Pride 805 Lift Chair

The Pride 805 Lift Chair model is ideal as an ideal choice as lounger. Accessorise this comfortable lift chair with a Shear Comfort Sheepskin Overlay for a comfortable and stylish addition.

3 Position or Full Recline Lift Chairs

The 3-position or full recline type of lift chairs is perfect for seated, lifted, reading, OR sleeping. The versatility of these positions is one of the main reasons why many users seek out these models!

Here are the electric lift chairs that are available through the Independent Living Specialists stores!

Pride C1 Electric Lift Chair
Pride C5 Electric Lift Chair
Independent Living Specialists Australia Pride C5 Electric Lift Chair
Pride C101 Electric Lift Chair
Independent Living Specialists Pride C101 Lift Chair
Pride D30 Electric Lift Chair
ILSAu Pride D30 Lift Chair Online Australia
Pride 560 Lift Chair
ILS Australia Pride 560 Lift Chair Online Purchase

Infinite Position or Sleep Recline Lift Chairs

The infinite position or sleep recline type of lift chairs are great for quick or extended naps as it flattens completely. Also, this type of electric lift chairs enables you to control the backrest and the footrest independently.

Pride C6 Electric Lift Chair with Twin Motor
ILS Australia Pride C6 Electric Lift Chair – Twin Motor
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