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Choosing the right mobility scooter is an important decision. After all, it is an investment for your mobility and independence. Therefore, you may need to compare mobility scooters to find the best option for you. This can be based on make, model, features, and specifications. In this article, we look at focusing on the important features that anyone looking to buy a mobility scooter in Australia would need. These include the likes of Performance and Manoeuvrability.

Mobility Scooter Performance

When it comes to performance, you are looking at certain key factors. These include the likes of weight capacity, maximum speed, and operating range. They will allow you to better understand how much weight they can hold, how fast it can go and how long it can operate without needing to charge its batteries.

Mobility Scooter Manoeuvrability

How easy it is to manoeuvre your mobility scooter plays a great role especially if you suffer from a mobility problem. Another factor to take into consideration would be stability. No matter what the performance, you need to be stable, especially when outdoors on rough terrain. Things to consider would be number of wheels where four-wheel mobility scooters offer greater stability. Ground clearance on the other hand is something mentioned in the specification and that involves how much height there is between the ground and the mobility scooter. The turning radius is also important, as it clues you in how tightly corners can be taken.

Mobility Scooter Assembly

Another factor when you want to regain your independence is that you need to be able to travel with your mobility scooter. Therefore, assembly is important factor. Most travel mobility scooters offer convenient assembly where the Pride S19 travel foldable mobility scooter is the most favoured option.

Pride S19 folding mobilty scooter

At Independent Living Specialists Australia, there are main makes or brands- Pride Mobility, Shoprider, and Invacare. Out of these three, in terms of weight capacity they are divided into three categories of small, medium, and large mobility scooters. The following includes some performance and manoeuvrability specifications against the weight capacity category that the mobility scooter models available through ILS Australia falls into.

Weight Capacity Speed(up to) Range Ground Turning
100kg-149kg SMALL 150kg -199kg MEDIUM 200kg and up LARGE Clearance Radius
Pride GoGo LX with CTS Suspension X 6.4 km/h 3.8 cm 116 cm
Pride S19 X 6 km/h 20km
Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus X 6 km/h 23km
Pride GoGo Ultra X 3 Wheel X 6 km/h 13km
Shoprider GK10 X 8km/h 28km 133cm
Shoprider GK9 X 6 km/h 18-20 km
Shoprider Rainrider X 10km/h
Shoprider 889ERS X 10km/h 40km
Shoprider 889SL X 12km/h 40km
Pride Pathrider ES10 X 8.8 km/h 18km 132cm (left)
Pride Pathrider 140XL X 15km/h 35km
Pride Pathrider 130XL X 12km/h 34km
Pride Pathrider 10 X 8.5km/h 40km
Pride Pathrider 10 Deluxe X 8.5km/h 25km
Pride Celebrity XL Deluxe X 12km/h
Pride Celebrity DX X 12.3km/h
Shoprider 888SE X 8km/h 40km
Shoprider Rocky 4 X 15km/h 50km
Invacare Comet HD X 10km/h 50km 326cm
Shoprider Rocky 6 X 15km/h
Shoprider Rocky 889 Golf X 12km/h
Shoprider 889D X

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