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Life changes happen; and, when they do, many individuals need to purchase a wheeled seat walker. From an easy help to navigate events outside to a quality device for use for consistent ambulatory support, at Independent Living Specialists, we offer a wide selection of seat walkers to help with all life changes. 

As a mobility solution, seat walkers help to prolong and encourage a person’s mobility. Seat walkers are designed to facilitate extra stability and support for those who are unsteady on their feet. With the incorporated seat feature, a walker also provides the option for a seated rest break allowing you to stop and take a break while you are on the move. 

Selecting a Seat Walker

When you are looking for a walker, whether for you or a loved one, you need to consider how often it will be used, how it will be stored when not in use, weight requirements, wheel diameter for different terrain, and how it will look when you are walking with it.

The right walker for each situation depends on your personal needs. Do you need to use the walker for specific needs, or do you need a more general walker? You may need an indoor/outdoor walker with a seat for resting. Or, you may need a fast three-wheeled walker to help you get around the house or a shopping centre.

There are specific key considerations that anybody looking to purchase a seat walker should consider. Concerning the device itself, it’s essential to identify and assess:

  • The height of the seat in relation to an individual’s own height to ensure that it’s at a suitable level
  • The width of the seat and the ability of the surface to accommodate the user once seated
  • The depth of the seat and both the support and comfort provided when the individual is sitting upright with the correct positioning

Many seat walkers also offer additional adjustability features to cater to different needs and guarantee optimal comfort and performance. These features include:

  • Handle height – As a general guideline for handle height, when the user is holding onto the handles, the shoulders should be in a neutral position. If the shoulders are hunched, this is often a sign that the handles are positioned slightly too high. Conversely, if a person is using the walker and they are using a lot of force to push through their shoulders, this signals that the handles are set too low. 
  • Size of the wheels – Small wheeled walkers are designed for internal use on flatter surfaces. On the other hand, walkers with larger wheels are more suited to community use and navigating across footpaths and uneven terrain. 
  • Brake cables – Some walkers host external brake cables whereas on other walkers, the wires run through the tubing of the walker to reduce the probability of tangling.
  • Safe working load – To guarantee maximum safety and stability for the user, their weight must align with the safe working load of the walker. The safe working load is a guideline on the importance of a person the walker can support safely, and this measurement differs from walker to walker. 
  • Weight of the seat walker – Walkers range in weight from ultra-lightweight to heavy-duty. In comparison, lightweight walkers are easier to manage and transport, whereas heavy-duty walkers offer more support for durability.  

Regardless of your specific needs, at ILS, we can align your mobility needs with the capabilities of our walkers to determine the most suitable device for you. Read on for a summary of some of our best-selling and most innovative walkers, including both three-wheeled and four-wheeled varieties.

Types of Medical Walkers

Our major brands of walkers include four-wheeled walkers, tricycle walkers, cable-free and carbon fibre, available in a variety of weights and colours. All our walkers are equipped with high-quality puncture-proof tyres that require zero maintenance and typically, all walkers available at ILS also feature storage; however, the type of storage varies across the models. 

Each of our walker devices hosts a different seat cushion made from a range of materials. As a result, the seats vary from firm to plush. All of our seated walkers feature a backrest for added support; however, similar to seat materials, backrests vary and offer different user experiences accordingly. As with all seat walker features, it’s essential to understand your personal needs in terms of seat and back support. 

In regards to structure, our seat walkers are all foldable for added transport and storage convenience. The folding design differs between devices, with some walkers offering a side fold design. With the side fold design, walkers are collapsible via a handle at the side of the seat and once activated, the device folds in on itself. Other chairs host a more general folding mechanism and deciding between the two options should be based on your personal preference. 

We hire Occupational Therapists (OTs) who provide advice and product recommendations, so you can take comfort in knowing that our wheeled walkers meet the standards of the OTs that use them. Our OTs services are also available to help patients and clinicians in our stores (find a store near you here).

Hero Medical Seat Walker – Rollator – Four Wheeled Walker

An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Seat Walkers 2

The Hero Medical Seat Walker is our best-selling seat walker and could cater for 80-90% of the walker population. The Hero Walker’s max safe working limit is 130 kg and weighs 6.7 kg. The newly redesigned 15 cm flat ridged wheels make for smooth motion across indoor and outdoor surfaces. This affordable walker has a sturdy frame, and recent updates to the wheels and frame ensure that you will be able to move across the room without wobbling or wavering in your step.

The storage bag does not to be removed when folding and storing the Hero Rollator and the bag’s opaque features ensure that your valuables will not be seen while navigating a crowd. Its adjustable height is 82 cm to 94 cm. This flexible frame will help you walk no matter your standing height. And, when storing the Hero Medical Seat Walker, you will be pleased by its 23 cm folded width. Affordably priced, the Hero Medical SeatWalker is everything you could want from a versatile everyday use walker.

Hero Medical Ultra Light Rollator

An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Seat Walkers 3

The Hero Medical Ultra Light Rollator is lighter than the normal Hero Medical Walker; it is rated to safely work at up to 113 kg and only weighs 4.75 kg. The Hero Medical Ultra Light is the lightest walker ILS sells, and it is perfect for people who need something to bring with them for long days, to help keep balance and finish out on your feet.

The Hero Medical Ultra Light Walker locks into its folding position so that it can be easily transported and stored. Using the same 15 cm wheels of the heavier Hero walker, the Ultra Light Walker still provides the sturdy construction of all Hero products. Designed for safety, the ergonomic grips keep your hands from slipping, and the reflective piping helps with visibility in low lighting.

The Ultra Light Rollator is perfectly priced for people who need a lighter walker to for extra support when you need to go out with family, friends or for work.

Nexus Cable Free Seat Walker

An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Seat Walkers 4

The Nexus Cable Free Seat Walker is redesigning the way we approach medical walkers. Brake cables have been a necessity for many years, but Nexus Cable Free Walker is changing that. The lack of cables both reduces the number of mishaps around the house and increases the lifespan of your walker.

At 6.8 kg, it weighs slightly more than the Hero Medical Seat Walker, but its safety rating is 150 kg. The design can be operated with a slight fold to enable manoeuvring through tight doorways and can stand on its own in folded storage configuration.

At 45 cm wide and 75 cm – 85 cm in height, the Cable Free Seat Walker will fit in most living situations. The Nexus Cable Free Seat Walker is a good option for people who want a long-term walking aid. Without cables, the walker is likely to outlast similar products.

Drive Medical Rollator Nitro Walker

An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Seat Walkers 5

The Drive Medical Nitro Walker is a solid large-wheeled rollator. The mid-range Nitro Walker has a stylish aesthetic, weighs 7.8 kg, and is safely rated for 135 kg. These features mean that the Nitro Walker will be effective and trustworthy in many diverse situations.

The Nitro Walker’s stylish frame is available in black or red. And, its cross-X frame folds into almost no space at all. When you are not using the Nitro Walker, safely store it in an out-of-the-way place. The Drive Medical Nitro Walker is an ideal option for people who need an all-terrain aesthetic walking device.

Drive Medical Carbon Fibre Nitro Elite Super Light Seat Walker

An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Seat Walkers 6

The Drive Medical Carbon Fibre Seat Walker combines technology and design to provide a stylish, lightweight, but sturdy walker for general use. The carbon fibre frame reduces the weight of this walker to only 5 kg but maintains the safe weight rating up at 136 kg. The key benefit of this lightweight carbon fibre frame is increased manoeuvrability, as well as ease of use in regards to transportation and storage.  

The Drive Elite frame is as stylish as a walker can be, and the large nitro wheels make for efficient walking across any surface. If you or your loved one is looking for a walker that is not just a medical necessity but a part of living life to the fullest, consider this lightweight, stylish rollator.

Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker

An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Seat Walkers 7

The Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker is a unique quad wheeled walker. Its stylish frame and outdoor design set it apart from other walkers in our lineup. At 6.1 kg, rated to 130 kg, this mid-range walker is a fully functional medical device. But the minimalist design and different sized front and rear wheels make it something to behold.

The Trust Care Walker is designed primarily for external use with large wheels for navigating terrain and springs to help smooth out your ride. Its X frame cross-folding frame stands alone when storing it. The branding on the walker including the phrase it is known for, “Let’s Go Out” make this wheeled walker a conversation piece as much as it is an ambulatory help for individuals who need it.

Tri Wheel Walker

An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Seat Walkers 8

The sporty Tri Wheel Walker by Hero is an ideal walker for the more able-bodied user who does not require a seat. Whether you need to store it or use it for transportation, the Tri Wheel Walker simply works. At 8 kg in weight and safety rated to 100 kg, it is a perfect aid for those who need a little bit of help walking.

Its hand brakes can be locked to stabilise the device. The three-wheel configuration and solid castors set this walker apart from all the quad wheeled walkers covered so far. Hero’s Tri Wheel Walker is for walking, not for sitting. Its optional carry basket and bag give you or your loved one plenty of space for valuables while on a walkabout with this walking aid.

Selecting Your Medical Equipment from the Right Retail Partners

These are just a selection of the wheeled walkers available at ILS both online and in-store. But, why should you choose ILS for your retail partner as you deal with the life change that is leading you to look for a wheeled walker?

The People We Help

We have quickly grown from a small startup to a leading medical services group focused on helping our clients live independently. Our showrooms are fully equipped with top quality products, including our fantastic range of walkers ready for you to sit, use, trial and compare. 

Our customers are facing life-changing situations. Whether you are looking at a long bout of rehab towards a full recovery or a chronic condition that will completely change life, or the natural processes of ageing in place, the need for a walker is only part of the life changes you may be facing.We help people of all ages, but often those who use walkers the most are experiencing the joys and pains of ageing and want to maintain their independence as long as possible. If this is you or a loved one, the walker you select is more than just an aid to walking. These walkers become a symbol of your ability to live life independently, to do your shopping, watching grandkids at the park, or get a drink from the kitchen.

ILS: Clinically Driven

At ILS we are a clinically driven business dedicated to providing comfort, dignity, independence and improved quality of life to those in our community who require assistance.

Whether you are purchasing just a walker or need multiple products to help deal with a serious injury, chronic illness, or the effects of ageing, ILS provides personalised support and occupational therapist services to help you live independently. We are not just a place for you to purchase a walker; we provide a customised service to match our products against your needs.

Occupational Therapists In-Store

Many retail businesses focus on price as a key differentiator, providing you with a product without thinking about whether it is the right product for you. We understand that our customers and their physicians are in charge of their health care, but we also want to serve our customers with the right products for their specific healthcare needs.

In order to provide you with the best product for your needs, our occupational therapists are available for product demonstrations and educational in-service and training. Each product we sell is selected to better serve our customers and their health.

Our OTs help us ensure that we have the best products available and that you get the products that meet your personal needs. And, they are all nationally registered and are available for one-off assessments, by referral only.

The service doesn’t stop there; our OTs also offer the option of home visits in which they will come to your home or community with products for you to test and trial. Our OTs are dedicated to helping you find the right walker for you by offering their expert knowledge and providing clinical insight.

Quality Products

Each of these wheeled walkers is designed to industry standards and meet national standards for personal use for walking assistance. From our affordable Hero Medical Seat Walker to our more advanced Drive Carbon Fibre Walker, our products are all quality, no matter the price.

Hero, Trust, Drive, and other wheeled walker brands are trusted medical rollator providers, and we are happy to provide their walkers for our clients. No matter the price range or the name on the product, we only sell products that help you live independently. We use quality in all the products we sell and the services we offer.

ILS Follow-up Service

We’re dedicated to supporting you throughout your entire journey, and we’re proud to offer a follow-up service that goes beyond you leaving our store with your product/s. We have a Service team equipped to help you with any problems or replacements should you need their assistance post-purchase.

Choose a Partner in Independence

We are not here just to sell products, and we hope that you choose ILS as a partner in independence for you or your loved one’s medical needs. From walkers to bedding, from lifting assistance to bathroom equipment hires, ILS provides more than great products. We provide the tools and resources you or your loved one needs to keep your independence as long as possible.

Whether you need an affordable walker to easily get into and out of the trunk of a car or a stylish deluxe walker for walking around the house, we have the best walker for your needs. Select one of the amazing walkers featured above, discuss your purchase with a retail specialist in one of our stores, or see our entire list of walking aids. We are here to help you live independently!

An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Seat Walkers 9

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