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People who are disabled, aging or diagnosed with an ailment are most likely to depend on a carer for practical help to make their daily life easier. Carers provide voluntary care and support to such people.

Due to grants from the Australia Department of Social Services, Australia Government Department of Health and funds contributed by generous supporters most carer services are free or reasonable.

Further, when handling chores manually, the carer has to repeatedly exert force to lift, carry, lower, push, pull, move or hold the equipment or a person resulting in muscle exertion.

Carers’ being injured in healthcare, rehabilitation, disability services or aged care facilities are mainly due to handling these differently-abled people. However, using the correct equipment in support care can prevent such injuries.

A Caregiver’s Guide to Selecting Mobility Solutions 2

Mobility scooters, walking aids, wheelchairs, bedroom aids, bathroom aids, and patient transfer walk belt, are some of the mobility equipment that supports in aiding carers to carry out their work diligently and safely.

Independent Living Specialists have the best mobility equipment available Australia wide for outright purchase with delivery free to the doorstep for online customers.

Mobility Scooter

This device is generally suited for those who are affected with minimal disabilities and require travel to any location they wish to go. Since this equipment is not registered as a motor vehicle, it is not permitted for long-distance travel on a normal roadway except when crossing a road. It needs little guidance from a carer to be assisted to get into the scooter.

A Caregiver’s Guide to Selecting Mobility Solutions 3

Walking Aids

A walking aid helps a carer to assist the patient to walk with minimum support. It helps as additional support to minimize falls and accidents whilst walking.


A wide range of manual wheelchairs manufactured by Auscare, Pride, Breezy, Days Healthcare, and Invacare are available at all stores of ILS Australia wide. This is the best device that supports in aiding a carer when transporting a patient indoors or outdoors. It is available in lightweight and heavy-duty to suit a person’s size and designed for self-propelled or transit use.

Bedroom Aids

Assisting a patient to get into bed could be one of the most challenging and tedious tasks of a carer. Aids such as supportive rails that assist with repositioning or getting on and off, angled foam cushions for upper body comfort and support are some of the bedroom aids that are available at ILS to support in aiding the carers.

A Caregiver’s Guide to Selecting Mobility Solutions 4

Bathroom Aids

Bathroom aids play an important role in a carer’s life and the Turner Drive Able Assist is a device that aids when transferring a patient securely from a room to the bathroom. It can be wheeled directly to the toilet, with its wheels positioned on either side of the toilet enabling the user to sit down with dignity.

Patient Transfer-Walkbelt Slip Resistant

This product assists the carer to transfer a patient safely in comfort. Designed with heavy-duty fabric to ensure the utmost safety and slip-resistant inner lining to prevent the belt from slipping.

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