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You can face difficulties standing up from a seated position or sitting down from a standing position due to many conditions of mobility disabilities. It could occur due to aging, genetic conditions or while recovering from an injury. Changing your sitting positions is essential not only to complete tasks like attending to your toilet but also for your health so that you are not exposed to skin irritations that are caused by sitting for too long. But asking help all the time from family and friends can become a nuisance so you may wish to be able to do it on your own. Sit to stand transfer aids can help you manage standing up on your own.


What is the Ambiturn Sit to Stand Transfer Aid?

Ambiturn is a foremost brand providing sit to stand transfer aids. It is built with a height of 118 centimeters and a width of 57.5 centimeters, weighing up to 16.5 kilograms. It can support a maximum weight of up to hundred and fifty kilograms. It is a quite simple mechanism containing handles with multiple grip points that allow users of any height to use it comfortably. The handle is fixed onto a base to place your feet on when getting up. The base stands on wheels that allow the patient to be transported over a short distance. A rear bar placed suitably also allows the users to counterbalance. The substantial base area also provides stability making the Ambiturn safe for use.

How the Ambiturn Sit to Stand Transfer Aid works

When getting up using an Ambiturn sit to stand transfer aid one just has to hold the handles of the machine, place their feet on the base and pull oneself up. You can use the Ambiturn to transport yourself from one seat to another. The narrow recessed front fits between the wheels of the wheelchairs and toilets can be helpful for perfect positioning of the machine before using it. This simple mechanism can help you to attend to your toilet and change your seating from place to place in your house.

Ambiturn Sit To Stand Transfer Aid

How to purchase or hire?

At Independent Living Specialists, you now have the option to either purchase or hire your own patient transfer equipment. With showrooms conveniently located across Sydney, obtaining the right patient transfer equipment has never been easier. In addition, Independent Living Specialists’ website provides a safe and reliable online platform for purchasing your patient transfer equipment, offering you added convenience and peace of mind. Choose Independent Living Specialists for all your patient transfer equipment needs with confidence.

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