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Mobility scooters are introduced as much needed relief for elderly who are facing difficulty moving due to balance issues or weakening muscle control. It is another chance for them to move around independently and spend their time freely doing what they want in complete safety. Mobility scooters operate on battery power and can be maneuvered with a joystick making them the most convenient walking aid. There are mobility scooters that are ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

Choosing the best to option to satisfy your needs

However for those looking to using the mobility scooters indoors, three-wheel mobility scooters are perfect as they are designed to take tight corners in the houses. For those looking to use it outdoors, four-wheel mobility scooters are the best. They can face the rough terrain with more stability than the three wheel mobility scooters. So to enjoy your scooter the most it is advisable to think what type is most suitable to fulfill your needs before buying one. You should also pay attention to the maximum weight it can bear with relation to your body weight, ground clearance, and the turning ratio.

Outside verses Indoors

Once again a higher ground clearance is suitable for traveling in the outside and high turning ratio for the indoors. And it is advisable to opt for a higher maximum weight capacity than your weight to travel up slopes or ramps at the entrances of buildings. It is very advisable to get a mobility scooter for the outdoors because outdoor travel tends to be more interesting and relaxing to someone confined to the indoors because of their mobility impairment. With a mobility scooter suitable to the outdoors you can move around your garden perhaps do some light gardening and even travel down the lane and interact with your neighbors.

Pride-Pathrider-140XL-Scooter-510x600 terrain

Travelling with a mobility scooter

The best way to enjoy your mobility scooter is to travel more and more. There are mobility scooters that are easily suitable to be transported in a vehicle when you travel. When you are traveling it is important to pay attention to the range of the mobility scooter. The range is the maximum distance that could be traveled with the given battery capacity. A high range will allow you to travel more at a time without having to recharge the battery. It will also enable you to travel longer distances.

New features

Mobility scooters are forever evolving for the convenience of the drivers. Gadgets include mirrors, clutch and bag holders, canopies, and water resistant covers. Some brands such as the Scout mobility scooter have many new features including the first drive mini mobility scooter and Delta Bars.

The mobility scooter is an ideal choice for comfort, style, performance, and reliability for the elderly to regain their passion for life.

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