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High temperatures during summer can often affect people with heat-related illnesses such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. Therefore, it is best to plan on how to stay cool all summer long.

Hints on managing the summer heat

It is a common factor that the heat experienced during summer can inevitably cause issues for those who suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) or other lung ailments. Heat can provoke the COPD symptoms, especially when it is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The rise in humidity levels is also a reason for the risk of a flare-up. The best solution to managing your COPD during the scorching summer months is by preparing to cope with the heat.

COPD patients find the sweltering weather hard due to the body working extra hard to cool down when it’s hot, resulting in requiring more oxygen. Even otherwise, when the patient is already having a difficult time getting adequate oxygen, it is best to avoid too much heat, Flare-ups could be avoided this summer with simple tips.

Staying cool with COPD during summer 2

Lightweight oxygen concentrators can help you experience an independent summer.

Managing Humidity Indoors

Humidity and moisture levels in a home should be around 40%. Humidity levels could be monitored with a hygrometer available at a hardware store or online. Keeping a humidifier at your home and bedroom is the best way to improve the quality of the air that is breathed.

Indoor bound

Staying indoors in an air-conditioned environment on very hot days is highly recommended. If the house is not air-conditioned, going to a place where there is air-conditioning to cool down is the best option.

Consuming lots of Water

The best way to regulate body temperature is by staying hydrated. This also assists the body to create fine loose mucus, which could be easily expelled from the lungs and airways.

Check Weather and Air Quality Report

COPD patients generally find it twice as hard to breathe when hot weather is combined with smog and other air pollutants. It is advisable to check both weather and air quality levels daily to be prepared for the worse.


Loose-fitting, cotton or soft material helps the body keep cool. Lighter colors also help stay cooler.

Light Meals

During hot weather, it is advisable to avoid hot, spicy or heavy meals. Smaller meals such as cold fruits or vegetables, eaten during the day are quite easy to digest and do not need cooking close to a hot oven.

Being in Contact

Being in contact with your close family and loved ones constantly will help them know immediately if something is not quite right.

A COPD patient’s health can turn serious in summer if they get overheated. Severe COPD complications could set in if the patient is overheated even for a short while. It could also probably result in death. Therefore, it is important to identify and manage the symptoms to plan for a healthy and happy summer.

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