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Zippie TS


The Zippie TS is the premier folding paediatric tilt-in-space chair, available in either a folding or rigid style frame. The Zippie TS has built-in frame growth with the widest variety of options and is able to accept many seating and positioning solutions. The Zippie TS also comes with the True Fit Program, a complete growth package for free.


The TS is the first and premier paediatric tilt-in-space wheelchair, with 45° of traditional tilt technology, meaning the tilt action occurs at a fixed pivot. Foot Release Tilt Actuator is simple to use and prevents cable tangling.

Because no two families are identical, the TS children’s wheelchair is available with both folding and rigid frame choices to fit a variety of lifestyles and priorities. The Folding TS collapses into a small package for families that need to store the wheelchair in a vehicle or in a confined location at home. The rigid frame contains fewer moving parts and is lighter overall.

The TS was built to handle any changes your child may undergo during the wheelchair’s lifetime. Adjustments of up to 2″ in seat width and up to 5″ in seat depth allow the TS to grow with your kid, while adjustable components ensure he or she remains comfortable and appropriately positioned throughout development.

Additional information

User Weight Capacity

74.8 kg

Product Width

18.25" to 24.25"

Front Seat-to-Floor Height

15.5" to 20"

Rear Seat-to-Floor Height

14" to 19"

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