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RGK Tiga Jr

The Tiga Junior can be made to fit your child's exact size and can be personalised with a choice of colours and embroidery. The clever growing system gives optimum adjustability and flexibility as your child grows. Provide your youngster with the finest start possible.


Only the finest materials are utilized in the construction of your Tiga Junior. Aluminium is well-known for its strength, durability, and light weight. Using only components manufactured by market leaders, together with an astounding 19 quality checks from measurement through delivery, guarantees the chair’s optimal performance.


  • Biomechanics optimised for optimal power and efficiency
  • Intelligent growing system with variable characteristics
  • Excellent toe in, toe out with minimal resistance
  • Stiff and lightweight frame for optimum pushing performance
  • Castor forks with a low riding height for optimal performance
  • Aerospace grade aluminium as standard
  • Made to measure
  • Aluminium 7020 frame
  • Intelligent growth system
  • Crash tested
  • Product weight from 7.5kg
  • Max weight 70kg

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