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Magic Mobility Frontier V6 – MWD All-Terrain


The Magic Frontier V6 is an all-terrain powerchair designed for daily use with the option to quickly change wheels for indoor or outdoor use.


The Magic Frontier V6 is a highly versatile powerchair that is perfect for users who want to tackle the toughest terrain while maintaining daily use capabilities. With the ability to easily switch between indoor and outdoor wheels, the V6 can provide superior performance in a wide range of environments. Additionally, the design geometry and suspension system make the V6 the market leader in performance suspension and obstacle climbing. The V6 also offers Transfer Tilt, making it an ideal choice for users with heavy legs and stomachs.

As with all Magic Mobility products, the V6 is proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, with a focus on ensuring users can interact with the world beyond a paved surface.

Additional information


Magic Mobility


Off Road

Drive Wheel Configuration

Mid Wheel Drive

Weight Capacity

182 kg, 155 kg (Tilt and/or Lift)

Transit Approved


Max Speed

10 km/h

Base Width


Base Length


Peadiatric Seating


Seat Width Range

12" – 24"

Seat Depth Range

12" – 24"

Seat To Floor Height Range


Posterior Tilt Option

0° – 45°

Anterior Tilt Option


Recline Option


Legrest Elevation Option


Seat Elevation Option


Power Standing Option


Magic Mobility Frontier V6 – All Terrain Brochure

Magic Mobility Powerchair Owner’s Manual

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