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Through hands-free, self-initiated exploration, KidWalk empowers youngsters to be participants in their surroundings rather than observers. Self-initiated movement is essential for developing cognitive, verbal, and motor skills, as well as learning spatial relationships and exploring the world. Walking is one of the most difficult abilities to learn, but it is also one of the most beneficial activities for children's physical and emotional development. KidWalk facilitates these critical stages in early childhood development by allowing a kid with limited mobility to engage in hands-free exploration.


The Kidwalk allows children with severe disabilities to express their exploratory spirit, play with other children, and move around independently. The notion of the walking aid is based on a child’s normal motor development. Early walking is also important for the child’s physical development: delayed, or improper development can substantially affect later walking abilities – or even prevent proper creation of the bone structure (particularly the hips).

KidWalk supports and guides a kid as they take their first steps in our amazing world. The Kidwalk not only provides secure pelvic and trunk support, but it also allows for a more natural gait pattern – at eye level with other children. Kidwalk is ideal for usage with any client who fits within the unit’s size constraints and requires a supportive device or ambulation. It is appropriate for youngsters ages 5 to 12, with a maximum weight of 40 kg (90 lbs). Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, and many more diagnoses are common reasons for using Kidwalk.

Details Size 1 Size 2
Approximate Age 1 to 7 yrs 5 to 12 yrs
Maximum User Weight 30 kg 40 kg
Seat Height (inside leg length) 279 to 550 mm 375 to 700 mm
Hip Width 140 to 235 mm 180 to 290 mm
Trunk Width 165 to 255 mm 220 to 370 mm
Armpit Height 245 to 410 mm 300 to 560 mm
Trunk Depth (standard) 102 to 165 mm 140 to 216 mm
Hip Depth (standard) 89 to 152 mm 127 to 178 mm
Frame Width 600 mm 688 mm
Frame Length 675 mm 800 mm
Adaptor Column Height 825 mm 930 mm
Overall Length 825 to 875 mm 900 to 950 mm
Wheels 500 mm / 20″ 600 mm / 24″
Casters 100 mm 125 mm

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