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Hero-NXT Car Seat


The Hero-NXT is a versatile, easy-to-use, and safe child car seat designed to accommodate the postural needs of special needs children. It is a specially modified car seat from Römer-Britax, and is suitable for installation in most vehicles that have an ISOFIX connection. The car seat is designed for use on the back seat of a car, and it is secured to the vehicle with the ISOFIX anchorage system, which eliminates the need to fasten the car seat with the car seat belts, making it easy to handle.


The Hero-NXT is adjustable to your child’s unique needs, with inner padding developed by Hernik that ensures optimal positioning, especially for small children. Additional support can be added with an abduction wedge and thoracic pads if necessary. As standard, the Hernik Hero-NXT is fitted with a 5-point seat belt to protect the child, and the quick-release buckle provides an easy and fast transfer. This special needs infant car seat can be used for both forward and rear-facing, making it a versatile and safe choice for special needs children.

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