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No matter your age or build, if you require assistance with getting about, then you might find mobility scooters useful. These electrically powered mobility solutions are very popular with people who are not able to walk for extended periods of time or lack the strength to do so. However, you may often find that mobility scooters are made for average heights and looking for one that fits a tall build can be difficult if you do not know what to look for. Here at Independent Living Specialists, we care about every need and that is why our showrooms and online shop is stocked with options to cater to those needs. If height is a factor that concerns your purchasing decision, then this article may help.

If you’re over 6 feet tall, there’s a good chance that you may find it difficult to fit into average products, as they are designed usually within a certain height and weight requirement. However, when it comes to the mobility scooter selection at Independent Living Specialists, we stock a variety of models and brands that cater to various requirements from budget, lifestyle and specific requirements such as height and weight, even bariatric mobility scooters too.  When it comes to choosing a mobility scooter for a tall person, what you need to look for is the height of the seat, leg space and stability. In terms of stability, four-wheel scooters are advised to maintain a centre of gravity.

Shoprider GK9 Mobility Scooter Shoprider GK10 Mobility Scooter Pride GoGo LX Mobility Scooter with CTS Suspension
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When looking for the best mobility scooter for a tall person, make sure to keep the following specifications of the mobility scooters.

Height: If the seat is fixed, then you need to look at the Seat to Deck height. In order for you to be comfortably seated in your mobility scooter without your knees sticking out, you need to make sure that it is 19”-20’ tall. On average, seat decks are usually 18”-19”. However, one of the ways you can fix this is to opt for a mobility scooter with an adjustable power seat.

Length: Legroom is an important factor so that your legs do not keep hitting the front handles. You should look for mobility scooters that are at least 46” long or are as long as possible with clearance around the handle to ensure that your knees will not be constricted. If you are looking at a scooter, consider those with a tilt-able handle.

Stability: Stability is important when you consider height and weight of a person and as someone who is tall, four-wheel mobility scooters are ideal.

Manoeuvrability: In terms of manoeuvrability, look for mobility scooters that have a Turning Radius performance. Make sure they are in the lower numbers as this can greatly improve manoeuvrability. Also, consider Ground Clearance, anything above 3” is preferred.

Power: When looking at power performance of your mobility scooter, you need to look at several things, namely Battery Range (miles/kilometres per charge), Speed, and Weight Capacity (ideally, you should be looking at 50lbs/23kg over the weight capacity mentioned in the specification).

Transportability: Another thing you need to consider is how easy it is to transport it. You need to be sure of where you will be using your mobility scooter (indoors or outdoors). Some models are travel mobility scooters which can easily be folded and transported.


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