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  • Hero Nitro Walker
    Hero Nitro Walker
    Walking Aids

    Hero Nitro Rollator Seat Walker

    $425.99 $299.99
    Save $126
  • S13853 Hero wheelchair rollator_front
    S13853 Hero wheelchair rollator_front
    Walking Aids

    Wheelchair/Rollator – FUSION 2 IN 1 – Hero

    $499.99 $399.99
    Save $100
  • Nitro-Mobility-Rollator-Red
    Walking Aids

    Rollator Nitro Walker

    $495.99 $327.99
    Save up to $168
  • Carbon-Fibre-Nitro-Elite-Super-Light-Weight-Seat-Walker
    Save $96
  • Leia-Lightweight-Rollator-Seat-Walker-Mobility-Walker
    Save up to $120
  • S11167_front
    Save up to $26
  • Foldable Walker in use
    Foldable Walker in use
    Walking Aids

    Space Saver Walker

    $205.99 $99.99
    Save up to $106
  • Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker
    Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker
    Save $101
  • Able Life Universal Stand Assist
    Able Life Universal Stand Assist
    Walking Aids

    Able Life Universal Stand Assist

    $249.99 $199.99
    Save $50
  • Airgo Ultra Light Rollator
    Airgo Ultra Light Rollator
    Walking Aids

    Airgo Ultra Light Rollator

    $295.99 $273.99
    Save $22
  • Days 240L Lightweight Aluminium Folding 3 Wheel Tri Walker_BLUE
    Days 240L Lightweight Aluminium Folding 3 Wheel Tri Walker_BLUE
    Save up to $46
  • Forearm Walker - Days Gutter New Style
    Forearm Walker - Days Gutter New Style
    Walking Aids

    Forearm Walker – Days Gutter New Style

    $499.99 $395.99
    Save $104
  • Seat-Walker-8-inch-Premium-Seat-Burgandy-200Kg-Freedom
    Walking Aids

    Premium Adjustable Seat Walker

  • 8inch blue seat walker_front
    8inch blue seat walker_front
    Walking Aids

    Quad Seat Walker – 8 inch wheels

    $195.99 $155.99
    Save up to $40
  • Seat-Walker-Wheelchair---Days-Transit-2-in-1-Burgundy
    Walking Aids

    Seat Walker/Wheelchair – Days Transit 2 in 1

    $325.99 $245.99
    Save $80
  • Side-Quick-Fold-Walking-Frame
    Walking Aids

    Side Quick Fold Walking Frame

    $160.99 $109.99
    Save $51
  • Tripod Seat Cane-BLUE_V1
    Tripod Seat Cane-BLUE_V1
    Walking Aids

    Tripod Seat Cane

  • 2 wheels + ski tutor walker
    2 wheels + ski tutor walker
    Walking Aids

    Tutor Plus Forearm Walker

  • knee-walker
    Walking Aids

    Knee Walker

    $495.99 $445.99
    Save $50
  • Seat-Walker-Bariatric-Trekker_Cherry_final
    Walking Aids

    Seat Walker – Heavy Duty Trekker

    $490.99 $295.99
    Save up to $195
  • Seat Walker with Basket
    Seat Walker with Basket
    Walking Aids

    Seat Walker with Basket – Auscare

    $185.99 $165.99
    Save up to $20
  • 2700 4 wheels
    2700 4 wheels
    Walking Aids

    Forearm Walker – Tutor 2700

  • Outdoor Seat Walker
    Outdoor Seat Walker
    Walking Aids

    Outdoor Seat Walker

  • Tri Wheel Walker
    Tri Wheel Walker
    Walking Aids

    Tri Wheel Walker

  • seat-walker-premium
    Walking Aids

    Seat Walker – Premium

  • Ezywalker
    Walking Aids

    Ezywalker Forearm Walker Folding

  • Seat Walker – Compact
    Seat Walker – Compact
    Walking Aids

    Seat Walker – Compact

  • Walking Frame Heavy Duty
    Walking Frame Heavy Duty
    Walking Aids

    Walking Frame Heavy Duty

  • Tray Trolley Walker
    Tray Trolley Walker
    Walking Aids

    Tray Trolley Walker

  • Ball and Rope Walker without Attachments
    Ball and Rope Walker without Attachments
    Walking Aids

    Folding Walking Frame – Ball and Rope


Seat Walkers

At Independent Living Specialists we believe that when it comes to walking aids, one size does not fit all. Different walking aids work best for different people depending on their height and weight as well as their environment and mobility requirements. While a simple yet sturdy walking cane may be perfect solution if you require minimum support for maintaining your balance, a walker frame or seat walker may be the preferable option for someone who needs extra support while walking. Mobility walkers with seats are very popular as they allow the user to go, stop and rest easily, safely and independently. Ergonomically designed back rests and handles ensure that all of our seat walkers offer optimum comfort with minimum risk of injury. Walkers with seat and brakes offer additional stability for those who need it. All of our seat walkers & rollators are carefully selected from a wide range of reputed manufacturers for their diverse features and benefits.