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If you have yourself a mobility scooter, or you are looking to purchase a mobility scooter in the near future, there are many options for you to choose from depending on your size, power requirements, and other features including mobility scooter accessories you’d might like to have.

With concern to deciding on your mobility scooters based on your height requirements, feel free to read up on one of our past blog posts “Choosing a Mobility Scooter for a Tall Person” which offers you specifications and insights to find the best option for your height.

Essentially, what a mobility scooter provides a user who requires is “mobility”, being able to get around and very similar to that of a power wheelchair but less expensive in comparison. They are ideal for people who suffer from moderate arthritis, heart and lung disease or are senior citizens, especially if you have enough upper body strength to reach and steer the controls but find it hard to walk long distances, a mobility scooter purchase is ideal.

One of the first things you need to understand is the purpose behind buying a mobility scooter. If you are looking for an indoor solution or for the outdoors, if it’s the latter, will you be use it for travelling or for short distances away from home? If you are looking for outdoor mobility scooters, there are many options to choose from the lightweight travel mobility scooter varieties, but often you may find a regular mobility scooter ideal for short distances outdoors. These are all based on your requirements and “Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter to Buy” would be a great starting point.

When driving outdoors, you will need a few mobility scooter accessories and not to mention safety measure such as being equipped with horns, reflectors, and direction indicators to name a few. Some of the mobility scooter accessories made available through Independent Living Specialists include the following;

Which Mobility Scooter Accessories are Right for Me? 1 Mobility Scooter Flag
A safety is an optional but recommended accessory for mobility scooter users where the bright orange colour helps to increase visibility when on the road.
Which Mobility Scooter Accessories are Right for Me? 2 Mobility Scooter Bag
This carrier bag is an ideal accessory for your mobility scooter to hold your belongings while on the road or even for shopping. The carrier bag is easily removable and attached to the frame with strong Velcro material.
Which Mobility Scooter Accessories are Right for Me? 3 Mobility Scooter Canopy
If you are to use your mobility scooter outdoors, especially in the sun, and is made with waterproof material. It is an accompaniment to the bag carrier (mentioned above) canopy frame needs to be fitted into the bag carrier frame.
Which Mobility Scooter Accessories are Right for Me? 4 Mobility Scooter Weather Cover
If you were to get caught in the rain or even to ensure you keep it clean from dust and other environmental materials, this weather cover is available in medium and large (based on regular and bariatric mobility scooter requirements).
Which Mobility Scooter Accessories are Right for Me? 5 Mobility Scooter Crutch Holder
If you require a crutch to aid in walking, this crutch holder mobility scooter accessory is ideal to help you easily access it when needed.

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