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Mobility scooters are battery powered age convenient walking aids that help mobilize those of who are affected by any form of mobility issue. They are specially constructed to facilitate, either to travel indoors or to travel outdoors. Outdoor mobility scooters are four-wheeled and bigger in frame as to offer more sturdiness to travel the rough surfaces. Outdoor mobility scooters should also be heavier to support your weight on slopes. The top three outdoor mobility scooters currently in the market include the Viper, S700, and 140XL. Outdoor scooters can help you cruise your neighborhood, run errands and even travel abroad.

Viper Mobility Scooter

The brand new viper is a magnificent scooter belonging to the sports range. In a red and black stylish design, the viper is structured to prioritize your safety while giving you high-speed driveability. It is designed with an anti-roll structure to limit the chances of rolling over when traveling on sloping land. It is also equipped with a manual brake to stop in an emergency stop and a powerful lighting package. This model is a breakthrough in terms of allowing the customers to feel safe and assured about using a mobility scooter.


Sunrise Medical S700

The Sunrise Medical S700 is a superior outdoor mobility scooter with ultra-performance recordings. It is structured to stand higher gradients, higher curbs, and greater obstacles. With tires thick as 33 and a battery range of 55-kilo meters, it is perfect for a free willed traveler who wants to explore the great outdoors independently. It is also sleek in design, with powerful headlights and an adjustable seat to the height you prefer. So it is a great mobility scooter that allows you a safe trip wherever you may want to go including sloping or very rough terrain.

Pride Pathrider 140 XL

The Pride Pathrider 140XL is known to be a combination of power and precision not incorrectly. It has a powerful motor of 3456W that guarantees a powerful ride. It has full suspension and a hydraulic braking system guarantees your safety when traveling in maximum speed or the rough outdoors. It has a sophisticated look with a leather covered seat, sleek design with a wraparound easy drive tiller and LED lighting. You can pick between the colours of yellow, candy apple red, and silver.

Pride-Pathrider-140XL-Scooter-510x600 terrain
All three of these mobility scooters are structured to give maximum performance and well as due safety. All have swivel features in their seats making it easy for you to get in out. They also carry baskets, side mirror and many more features of convenience and comfort for the users. Also by purchasing your mobility scooter at Independent living Specialists, you are guaranteed a good price under the deals they offer as well as quality in the products.

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