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Mobility scooters are one of the best, most comfortable and convenient walking aids available at present, to help those who are facing mobility difficulties. Mobility scooters are easily maneuvered and fit for both indoor and outdoor travel. If you are looking to buy a mobility scooter this year this article will give some clues as to the best and upcoming scooters that you can pick from.

Mobility Scooter Suitability

There are so many models of mobility scooters available at the market that can cater to many different needs of the customers. However before you pick a model you should pay attention to the suitability of the particular scooter to the terrain you wish to travel, the maximum weight ratio of the scooter, the battery capacity of the scooter and its portability.

The Best Seller

The best seller this year is the Pride S19, which is an ultra-light weight folding mobility scooter. It is equipped with a lithium battery providing it with ultra-light weight and a bigger range of drive. It also folds in a simple movement and takes up very little space once folded. This increases the portability factor as it can be easily transported in a vehicle. It is easily maneuvered in tight spaces such as at home or around shopping malls. You can also take it with you on your overseas holidays, it’s only 27.3 kg and it would be approved by the airlines as wheelchair and won’t affect your luggage allowance. So it is certainly a right choice towards convenience and light traveling.


Road Travellers

The Sunrise Medical S425 mobility scooter is a great choice to travel on tough terrain.? It is known to go faster, stronger and longer than others of that brand. Equipped with bright, front and rear LED lights, all-round suspension and a maximum speed of 12km/h, the S425 mobility scooter is suitable for both the road use as well as on pavements. It is highly fashionable too with a unique carbon-metallic colour.


Newer Additions

The Shoprider 889D double seat mobility scooter has been specifically added to the Shoprider range to assist with the demand for a wide mobility scooter. This, as the name implies, is a double scooter that allows couples to ride together. It is a lovely opportunity for elderly couples to enjoy each other’s company.? This model comes packed with all the luxury features you can expect from a Shoprider scooter including of powerful 2.0hp motor, 800mm wide seat that slides for extra legroom & loop steering tiller with easy to use controls. It also offers rear wheel drive and electromagnetic brake.


Good Prices

There are also many good models available at lowered prices, such as the 140XL Pathrider mobility scooter and the Shoprider rocky 6 mobility scooter right now. So it is definitely the time to scoot and buy the best.

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