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PolyAir Dual Valve Low Profile

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The Polyair® Low Profile cushion with pneumatic air-cells is best suited to smaller, somewhat active patients at very high risk of pressure ulcer development who are independently able to shift their weight and require little or no assistance with the transfer.

Ensures maximum user contact with the seating surface by rapidly moulding and adjusting itself to the user, with the help of its internal air channel ventilation, resulting in the prevention of pressure ulcers in high risk areas and assisting in healing previously formed ulcers.

A lighter, more ergonomic pressure gauge completely designed and specially produced for the Polyair® cushion. Fully electronic, the measuring system is extremely accurate and specifically calibrated to measure the micro-pressures inside the POLYAIR® cushion. An over-inflated or under-inflated cushion can lead to pressure ulcers and since the inflating variations inside of each compartment cannot be detected by touch, the sole way to inflate the air cells properly is to use a pressure gauge manometer as it takes the users weight and contact with the surface int o consideration

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