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I-Care Luxury IC222 Hospital Bed Base & Mattress

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The I-Care luxury hospital bed is well suited to people with problems getting in and out of standard beds, allowing multitude sleep positions. The steel frame is made from high tensile steel and provides a superb foundation.


The IC222 Hospital Bed is perfect for function and durability, providing great comfort , right at home. The I-care bed has a 4 function feature, with adjustable height.

  • Undertone and noiseless low voltage DC lift system.
  • Hospital grade castors that are lockable.
  • Available in long single and king single.
  • Ability to Raise/lower the entire bed up to 65cm.
  • Flexible slat system.
  • A 200kg Heavy duty power battery back up.
  • A solo Ergonomic handpiece available at fingertips for easy controlling and adjustable comfort.
  • Includes back up battery.
  • A head and foot lift that works independently.
  • Connected sensor safety systems connected.
  • 10 Year Comprehensive Warranty.

Additional information

Mattress Size

Long Single / King Single


180 kg

Mattress Length

2030 mm

Mattress Width

900 mm / 1070 mm

Mattress Height

200 – 250 mm




Steel Frame of Bed – 10 Year Limited Warranty
Actuators – 5 Year Limited Warranty
Hand Piece – 2 Year Limited Warranty
Control Box – 5 Year Limited Warranty
Upholstered Surround and Fabric – 3 Year Limited Warranty
Castor wheels – 5 Year Limited Warranty

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Product Enquiry

Does it have trendelenburg function?

I-Care IC333 Ultra-Lo Hospital Bed supports trendelenburg function not IC222 hospital bed.

Can you please provide the total dimensions of the bed, including the surround. Thanks

I-Care Luxury IC222 Hospital Bed Base & Mattress dimensions.

Code: IC222LS
Mattress Surface Size: 2030 x 900mm
Base Size: 2150 x 960mm

Code: IC222KS
Mattress Surface Size: 2030 x 1070mm
Base Size: 2150 x 1120mm

What is the min and max height range of the bed?

I-Care IC222 Hospital Bed Height Range 30cm – 61cm from the floor to the mattress platform.