Australia’s Largest Provider of Medical and Home Care Equipment

Our Circle of Trust

Trust begins with the ILS Occupational Therapist who fly’s that all important ILS flag!

Trust then transfers to the Customer Service team who patiently create information around the patient’s needs and this in turn flows into the warehouse for preparation towards dispatch.  Then our valued team of Medical Installers are handed the baton of trust as they carefully load the various pieces of equipment into their vehicles. An important element of Our Circle of Trust is when our Medical installers enter the clients home. It is an honour to be accepted into anyone’s home and so it must always be treated with the utmost respect.

Our Circle of Trust is about so many aspects to ILS. It’s about knowing that as we hand over an enquiry, that our fellow colleague will action upon to its completion. From the first time we meet at the interview our Head of People and Culture looks for these important values in a person.


In summary we are a group of people who share a series of common personality traits. We are all friendly, professional, courteous people; as individuals we are inquisitive about life which translates to questions being asked. We are good listeners due to our empathy and an innate want to convey and help others with solutions based on our accumulated knowledge and overall life experiences.