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National disability insurance scheme or as it is known in the short from NDIS, is a way support is provided to suitable people who are suffering from permanent conditions, which requires them to have the assistance of others on a daily basis. Anyone who is accepted as an Australian citizen or has a permanent visa to Australia can apply for this scheme. But you have to be also considered suitable to receive their help under the disability requirements too.

If you are someone who is interested in getting the help of NDIS you should learn a little bit more about the scheme.


Eligibility for NDIS

As we have mentioned earlier someone has to be an Australian citizen or a permanent visa holder to apply for this scheme. At the same time, you have to also live in an area where this scheme is implemented. Some areas will also carry an age requirement which means you have to be at a certain age to be able to apply for this scheme.

Then, you have to consider about the disability requirement as not all people suffering from all kinds of diseases are supported by this system. Your condition should be something that is considered permanent. This means the disease will most likely last as long as you live. It should also make you unable to take part in any social or economic work to support yourself on your own. The need to have people to help you out or special equipment that will aid in your daily activities, will also help qualify for this scheme.

How ILS Can Help

The Independent Living Specialists or ILS has been helping people like you who are in need of assistance to live a free life. ILS has been registered as a service provider for NDIS. ILS provides equipment and products that can help you take care of yourself and keep you safe. It also provides you with very special products that can help you do household tasks and even help you move around. The range of mobility scooters, lift chairs, wheelchairs are all part of these products which can help you.


When you are applying for NDIS you have to first come up with a plan for your care with an NDIS representative. Before going there you can do some pre-planning of your own. ILS can help you with that as this is something you should be doing with a registered service provider. ILS can help you take care of the assistive equipment portion of the plan by providing you with the cost for each of the assistive products. They will always make sure to provide you good recommendations for products which are actually effective and helpful. With all of the equipment provided by ILS you can actually be independent without depending on an aid or a personal caregiver.

In this way, ILS, as a registered service provider, can help you with your NDIS plan.




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