The all new Predator 4-wheel drive scooter is a useful and small sit down mobility scooter providing many advantages to those with mobility problems throughout the world. This is helpful to those who don’t have the strength and arm/shoulder flexibility needed to use a manual wheelchair. Revolving on an electric mobility scooter is much easier than moving the foot support on most common wheelchairs. It is also useful for persons with systematic or whole body disabling conditions, coronary or lung issues, obesity or arthritis. This mode of transport also helps those who do not like the idea of moving around in a wheelchair.


The Independent Living Solutions has introduced the all new Solax predator 4 wheel driver mobility scooter to the market which without any doubt will be a blessing in disguise for the aged and handicapped. It is an expertly manufactured and reliable product which could be ridden easily.

The all new Predator 4 wheel drive is structured like an automobile, with two wheels for steering at the front and two drive wheels at the rear. It provides good stability over any kind of indoor or outdoor ground, reducing tripping even at a higher speed, and safely handle hills and curbs. 4-wheel balance is helpful for users who may suffer from poor balance.


Users can travel on both road and pavements without any restrictions on the new Solax Predator 4-wheel drive mobility scooter. All four wheels are manufactured with a superior 500W motor and also assembled with independent suspensions and disk brakes. All these special features make the Solax Predator 4-wheel drive mobility scooter a perfect mode of transport for off-road driving.

This particular predator 4-wheel drive mobility scooter can be driven in two modes. One for a commanding off road mode and a smoother on road mode. The Solax Predator 4-wheel drive mobility scooter is a good investment for those looking for a special mobility scooter to travel on an outdoor adventure or sometimes ride outside the home, around town or even shopping.


It could be driven up to a distance of 80km with a maximum speed of 10 km per hour and weighs around 85 kgs with the batteries. It is equipped with four 18” tyres on the rear and front. The overall length and width are 1670 mm x 800mm.

It comes with a warranty of two years and 50% off on scooter cover price during the promotion period. Australia wide online customers can get it delivered free of charge to their door.

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