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The elderly and handicapped can easily reach uphill by using specialized mobility scooters. Various mobility scooters are available now to serve different purposes. Before purchasing ensure the selected one is capable of driving uphill and more importantly those with a bigger frame to support and sustain a considerable amount of weight. A heavy duty handicap scooter is the most suitable one as it has full suspension. The full suspension gives a force and extra push that a normal mobility cannot give. The extra power boost will make it easier to when climbing and inclining a hill.

In order to find out more about the functions of these heavy duty scooters, pay more attention to the product specifications, climbing angle or grade incline. A higher climbing angle indicates it can perform best when driving uphill. Another important feature to be checked is the upgradable battery option. A strong powered battery life in the mobility scooter assists in boosting the performance of the mobility scooter when driving uphill.


Large mobility scooters have been manufactured for tough conditions such as steep hills, big weights, rough ground areas etc. Powerful motors and heavy duty electronics are used in the manufacture and the suspension and wheels are designed to suit challenging areas

The Independent Living Solutions pioneers in providing equipment for the aged and handicapped have come to the fore once again to help when climbing and ascending hills without a hassle.

The Viper mobility scooter is one such equipment available at The Independent living solutions. It is one of latest models of mobility scooters additions to their sporty range of mobility scooters. The Viper mobility scooter gives a lot of comfort and safety with exclusive sporting design feature, in a very sturdy stand.


During the manufacture of this exclusive scooters, safety of the user has been the main concern of the manufacturer. The scooter also features an anti-roll structure to avoid difficulties when climbing hills. A manual handbrake has also been installed for use if an emergency occurs due to power stopping

The newly designed Viper scooter has a modern style and a variety of excellent features including modern state of the art controls, one tough wheel adjustment and delta bars as standard.

The Viper mobility scooter is equipped with :

  • mobilTwin 2A USB port.
  • Maximum usage range of 48 km
  • Comfortable rotating seat with sliding and reclining facility.
  • Height adjustable headrest to suit user requirements.
  • Armrests are adjustable and flip up for easy transfers.
  • Twin rear mirrors for extra visibility
  • Rear anti tip wheels as standard
  • Front removable storage basket
  • Freewheel facility allows movement of scooter without motor switched on.
  • Large seat back storage pocket for storing essentials
  • Additional hand operated cable brake for added safety
  • Anti roll back system safety device to prevent scooter from rolling backwards on hills.
  • 2 x 12v 75ah platinum gel batteries.
  • 160 kg weight capacity
  • All round suspension ensures a smooth ride and optimal handling
  • 14” stylish alloy wheels with black pneumatic tyres for a better, smoother ride
  • State of the art controls.


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