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Mobility scooters offer enhanced independence for individuals who have mobility limitations. While the large variety of models mean that you are sure to find one that is best suited to you, it can also make it so much more challenging to choose just one. This guide to mobility scooters will help you narrow down your choices.

Understanding The Advantages And Limitations Of The Different Sizes

  • Portable models can be folded up and assembled quickly and easily. When folded up they become compact and can be easily stored into the boot of the car. These are great for anyone who travels a lot.
  • Small mobility scooters have outstanding manoeuvrability, which makes them perfect for use at home but their smaller wheels makes them unstable on rough surfaces outdoors.
  • With a nifty combination of outdoor and indoor features, medium mobility scooters are designed to make shopping more convenient. They are easy to manoeuvre in shopping aisles and their larger tyres and enhanced suspension offer you a smoother, safer ride to and from your local shopping centre.
  • Powerfully built with large wheels, spring suspensions and larger batteries, large mobility scooters are you need if you are looking for an all-terrain device that will take you further from home safely and comfortably.

Understanding The Difference Between 3-Wheel And 4-Wheel Scooters

A 3 wheel scooter will have a sharper turning radius as compared to a 4-wheel scooter. This gives them enhanced manoeuvring capabilities even in small spaces. While this makes them great for use indoors, they may not be good for outdoor use because they are not as stable as the 4-wheel models.

Pride Pathrider 10 Mobility Scooter

4-wheel scooters offer great stability and safety when navigating the outdoors. They come in a wide range of capabilities for different purposes from local shopping to long-distance outdoor excursions.

Mobility Scooters
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