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When looking for a mobility scooter for an adult, it is important to keep in mind that is no one best adult electric mobility scooter for everyone. Different people have different needs and the best model for someone else may not be the right one for you. The best adult electric mobility scooter for you is one that offers the right combination of features for your needs.

Here are a few important factors you need to take into consideration in order to identify the best model for you:

Your weight & height – It is most important that the scooter you choose has the right weight capacity. Lightweight mobility scooters typically have a user weight capacity of about 135- 140 kgs. whereas heavy duty models are capable of handling up to 220 kgs.

Pride Pathrider ES10 Mobility Scooter

Your lifestyle – Do you travel a lot or are you mostly a stay-at-home person who needs to go out only occasionally? Small 3-wheeled mobility scooters are the best choice for inside the home or generally indoors. They offer superior manoeuvrability in narrow spaces and tight corners. Heavier, 4-wheeled models offer better stability, comfort and safety for outdoor use.

Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus Mobility Scooter

Your distance needs – Are you going to use your mobility scooter for long distances and uneven terrains or is it just to go to the neighbourhood shopping centre and the occasional social visit? Medium mobility scooters are the perfect choice for those occasional outings not too far from home. However, if you intend to venture further away from home you will need a large model that has larger pneumatic tyres, better suspension and a larger battery.

Pride Pathrider 10 Mobility Scooter

With a wide range of models available across different prices and with varying combinations of features and benefits, the good news is you do not have to compromise when looking for the best adult electric mobility scooter for your unique needs.


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