Wheelchair Access & Safety Restraints

Mobility Engineering will present the following workshop.

Within the Australian Mobility industry there is a significant lack of information and a lot of confusion around the available options to safely transport a wheelchair occupant inside of a vehicle.

This presentation will reduce the confusion by detailing all currently available forms of wheelchair occupant transport and best practice guidelines around using those options, including transferring the occupant in and out of the vehicle.

There are a lot of considerations that need to go into wheelchair transport within vehicles to ensure that the wheelchair occupants position is safe for travel, we will cover everything from vehicle selection and purchase, relevant laws, regulations and liabilities, identifying the passengers needs and transporting them in a safe and suitable manner. The occupant’s safety restraints will also be covered to ensure all occupants within the vehicle will be as safe as possible in the event of an accident.

Amin Akbarian is the Finance Manager and wheelchair access expert at Mobility Engineering. Amin is focused on the company’s direction and building the Mobility net-work to be able to service all of our dealers and subsequently Australian people in the best way possible. Amin communicates on a regular basis with our international suppliers to make...
Free Event - Wheelchair Access & Safety Restraints
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