Travelling Safely in the Vehicle

There is a lot of confusion, conflict and misunderstanding around how to correctly transport people with disability and children in vehicles. The purpose of the presentation is to identify and demonstrate all legal requirements along with best practice guidelines for the transport of people with disability and children.

The presentation talks covers an in depth prognosis on legal requirements, best practice guidelines, key liabilities and expected responsibilities as well as addressing any common questions or myths arising from stakeholders in the industry. The presentation looks at all aspects with transport from all persons involved, including the occupant, the driver, the carer/parent and the prescriber.

The presentation will show that transporting people with a disability and children is not as complicated as perceived and that following some simple best practice guidelines will result in significantly improved safety.

This workshop will be presented by Mobility Engineering.

Ali Akbarian is the General Manager and head trainer at Mobility Engineering. Mobility Engineering are a specialist consulting firm that focus mainly on transport solutions for children and disabled passengers. They deliver nationally recognised training in these areas and are heavily involved in advice, design, testing and certification of modifications to vehicles to suit these...
Free Event - Travelling Safely in Vehicles
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This course will earn you 1 hour towards your CPD.

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