Postural and Behavioural Harnesses

Mobility Engineering will be presenting this workshop.

With the ever complicated world of Assistive Transport and the Restrictive Practices Act, this session aims to educate the attendee on the difference between postural and behavioural harnesses and will identify the various styles, designs and uses for each.

It will focus on the specific uses for both Postural and Behavioural Harnesses and use case-study examples to demonstrate the reason for using the various harnesses for the clients, showing both vehicle and client considerations.

It will also cover all related transport laws and regulations along with expected responsibilities and liabilities which must be considered in addition to health based regulations.

Learning points:
• The difference between a postural and behavioural harness and their various styles
• Uses for harnesses and the considerations to make
• The laws and regulations around harnesses including liabilities and responsibilities
• Vehicle standards and modifications for harnesses

Suitable for People who are:
• Occupational Therapists and Health Professionals involved in the transport of children and people with disabilities.

Chen is Mobility Engineering’s restraint specialist and Senior Trainer. Chen is passionate about transport, particularly in a respectful, comfortable and safe manner, having spent the last 4 years of his mother’s life caring for her and transporting her to and from appointments. This has given Chen a deep understanding and appreciation for the needs of...
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There are CPD Points on offer for this course to the value of 1 hour.

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